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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Port Coquitlam

Responsibility and Safety at Driving School Port Coquitlam

Driving School Port Coqutilam
A main reason many attend driving lessons Port Coquitlam based is to help pass the road test. Lessons should provide more than just spending a lot of money to just pass a test. Driving lessons, whether with a driving school, should be about teaching you the things you need to know – and know well – before you get out on the road handling a car by yourself. Driving is a privilege, and a big responsibility. If you are not comfortable behind the wheel of a car and do not know what to do in nearly any situation that you might face driving, you may need some help before trying to navigate a busy, residential mixed with industry town like Port Coquitlam. Located at the convergence of the Fraser and Pitt Rivers, PoCo, as the locals call it, is dissected by a major highway and surrounded by water and cities. One of the most reasonable places to live in terms of expense and rent, the area is popular with families.

It might surprise some outsiders to learn that Port Coquitlam has been named one of the most livable cities in Canada. The locals understand why, as residents of this quaint town on the rivers are actively involved with their community during events, help keep the city clean and beautified, and thru wide support of initiatives geared at technology, environmentally safe practices, and managing development. Port Coquitlam government has led the area in managing waste and connecting to its residents via technology. There is a strong sense of community pride and involvement throughout the city. Part of your task when you drive is making sure everyone is safe around you, including the many children in Port Coquitlam who play together in this neighborly, comfortable town. 

Help When Attending Port Coquitlam Driving School

​Taking driving lessons in Port Coquitlam is not unusual, as the British Columbia driving skills tests for the GLP are rather difficult to pass. Many people decide after the first failed attempt to make use of their waiting period to get help learning the skills needed to pass the test. While it is true that passing the test is necessary and important, what is more important are the skills necessary to learn to drive well, something you will be doing for the rest of your life. In all the many years I taught students to drive and owned a prominent driving school, I learned that few students were prepared with the basic skills we used to learn riding with our parents. Today kids can be looking at their electronics and not paying attention while they ride. That means many learning opportunities are missed to pick up fundamental skills needed when actually learning.  Those are all things that have to be learned to be able to drive safely and confidently, no matter your age. 

online driving education

Digital Driver Education was created to help anyone who needs help learning the foundation of good driving. It is a series of short, easy to comprehend videos filmed from the driver’s seat. They go step-by-step through many different basic things you need to know, from how to park on a hill to where and when to shoulder check correctly. The program took over two years to create, and is available for the low price of $197. You can view the video clips as many times as you want, in whatever order works for you. If you ever have questions you can call me at the head office and I will help you.

I know from experience people need help with fundamental driving skills so they can gain confidence and learn how to do things correctly to maintain control of a vehicle, avoid mishaps, and relax while driving. Let me help you not only pass the test, but also gain life-long helpful skills to drive well. 

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