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The Fundamental Driving Skills You Need to Learn in Short,
Easy to Understand Videos

​Digital Driver Education can stand alone along with your practice driving, or be a great supplement to your driving school lessons.  You can study in the comfort of your home. The videos are taken from the driver’s seat perspective, so you see exactly what a driver sees while driving. Explained in easy to understand, short detail each single step of how and what the driver is doing to make a turn, merge, observe upcoming potential hazards and many other things. The videos are organized step-by-step to build the skills into sets of actions that you use constantly while driving. Safety is covered, what you should always do before turning the key, adjusting mirrors and safety restraints, how to check your blind spot correctly, and many other things you need to know how to do correctly, each and every time you face the same situation while out driving. Driving examiners look at what they aren’t asking you to do, such as if you shoulder check before changing lanes, and how far ahead of your turn you use your indicator. That’s where you loose a lot of points on your driving exam. 

​This program is not a rules of the road class, because those tell you what your behavior should be when driving, not how to drive.  Digital Driver Education is a series of videos from the driver’s seat perspective showing you the step-by-step details of the skills you must have to be a safe, confident driver throughout life.  It will help you pass your driving test, but more importantly, it will show you what to practice and do in just about any conceivable situation you will ever face behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

Pass Your Road Test The First Try!

This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

Fundamental Driving Skills That Used to Be Learned Watching Others Before Getting a Learners Licence are Not Any More

Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, expensive driving lessons do not cover the step-by-step observation and decision-making skills we used to learn watching adults drive.  They teach to pass the test, and little more. Nowadays, young and old, we are engaged with our electronic devices, and we do not observe, deduce, absorb, and register for future reference all those pieces of knowledge that any good driver shows us while they drive.  When those clues, signals, signs, and opportunities are not learned and put into action automatically, you have no idea, for example, what to do at an intersection when a car runs a stop sign and you need to avoid being hit while still maintaining control of your car. The individual skills needed to brake safely, know where your hands should be on the steering wheel, how to steer and brake, when to make instantaneous visual checks for other potential dangers or vehicles, and respond all in a split second comes with already having a solid foundation of information that can turn into an instant solution, one that could very well save your life and the lives of others. 

​Expensive Driving Lessons Should Not Set You Up to Fail the Driving Exam

​Driving lessons cost a lot of money, and too often students still fail their road tests. Sometimes they fail more than once. Often it has more to do with what they have not been taught than what they were taught at some of the best driving schools near me, or near where they live. There is a lot of pressure for driving instructors to get students through with minimum classes and time spent on the road, and then hope they pass the test. They want good reviews so they can sign up more students. The problem is, teaching to the test does not teach the fundamental skills that every driver needs to be safe, competent, and confident on the road. 

Low Cost, Quality Driver’s Training in the Comfort of Home

My name is Marcy, and I am the creator of Digital Driver Education. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and learn about how this thorough, easy to use video driving lesson program can teach you the foundational skills you or someone you care about needs to know to become a safe, knowledgeable driver.  I know if you are reading this you are either a new driver who needs help, a seasoned driver who wants to refresh your driving skills, or someone new to the country needing to know the correct driving protocol here. You might be a frustrated parent of a teen driver who “should know” how some things are done when driving, but they just don’t.  Digital Driver Education was created for exactly those students, as well as seasoned drivers looking to sharpen skills, busy parents who cannot afford expensive driving lessons, and anyone who wants to know the right way to handle a vehicle safely. 


Study from Home

I owned one of the top driving schools in western Canada for 16 years and have been a licensed, certified, GLP approved instructor for more years than that. While running my school I realized I was getting a lot of students sent to me from other top driving schools who after multiple tries simply did not have the confidence or skills necessary to pass their driver’s test. Sometimes these students had been to several schools, and spend thousands of dollars to come up empty handed.  I was able to teach nearly 100% of them to become safe, competent, confident drivers in a short period of time. It was because I taught the fundamental, foundational skills necessary to become a good driver to every student, every time.

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A Respected Driving Instructor Wrote the Affordable
Digital Driver Education

​Driving is an extension of my years of working with the public. I truly believe we owe it to ourselves to learn a critical skill like driving so we are comfortable, confident, and safe when we “do” it.  We also owe it to everyone around us – our families, our community. Their lives depend on it, as well as their hearts not being broken by senseless, preventable accidents.
In my many years as an instructor, I was known for being able to teach nearly anyone to drive. Many students were sent to me by some of the best driving schools in the area. They usually were frustrated, upset, dejected, and sometimes flat out scared about trying to drive.  I knew early on that patience, moral support, discipline, and structure were the keys to guiding my students to success. I can also tell you that nearly every student, no matter their age, who thought they had it down pat and knew more than I did, or thought they could skate by got themselves in trouble very soon after jumping straight into driving on the streets. Sadly, it was heartbreaking that some of them got themselves or others hurt, or worse, and it rarely took long to see it on the news. 

Digital Driver Education Solves the
“I Do Not Know How to”
Driving Challenges

​Many of the students sent to me had really tried, and often had parents or spouses who had sputtered, “What is it about this you don’t get?!” at some point. I finally came to realize these students had several things in common:

  • They had few, if any, fundamental skills learned through observation about how to drive. Some of this was due to the modern habit of being constantly engaged with electronic devices.
  • There were no resources online for them to watch to learn what they needed to do while driving.
  • They had little to no actual hands-on driving practice time.  This was especially true for young drivers with hard working parents.
  • They often had someone around them that did not understand the disconnect they were experiencing. This caused a lot of anxiety and/or fear that made trying to learn to drive many times more difficult.

 Many parents are busy making a living today and just do not have the time to spend that is absolutely necessary to teach their children good, safe driving habits. Many others cannot afford driving school, and as expensive as it is, it is understandable.  Practice driving and this Digital Driver Education video course can provide you the fundamental skills you need to get your license.

Driving Anxiety Decreased By Studying at Home, On Your Computer

Driving Anxiety

A key reason I put this course together and it is so inexpensive is because I believe everyone needs to learn a good basic, foundation of driving and should have access to the information.  That is why this course is only $297 for an entire year of access, to any or all of it, as much or as little as you want to review the material.  The videos are arranged by the action you need to take while driving. You can watch a segment, or a whole set of videos, as many times as you need to watch them to observe, digest, and learn how to do what you are watching. It is a good idea to watch them several times, and then go back and review them all after you start practice driving. You will learn even more and be able to correct yourself and become an even better driver by watching them again, because you will now have hands-on experience that helps you understand why things need to be done correctly.

When you care enough about your own success to invest in a solid foundation for driving, or someone whom you know needs help learning the fundamentals of the correct way to drive, I know you or they are on the road to becoming prepared to be a responsible citizen when driving.  And, if you are doing it for someone you love, thank you. It is a gift, literally, for life.

There is No Such Thing as a Hopeless Student Driver

​This program is more than an extension of my years as a respected driving instructor and prominent driving school owner.  While teaching I gained a reputation for being able to teach just about anyone to drive – young drivers just learning, people who were new to the country and had to prepare for a road test  in a completely strange environment, even recently alone seniors sometimes, who now had to begin driving again …or for the first time. There may be no other activity in your lifetime you engage in regularly that interacts, intersects, and affects more individuals than your driving.  Your ability and courtesy as a good, responsible driver affects thousands of people, sometimes all in the same day. 

I failed my road test

Why You Must Put in the Time to Practice On-the-Road Driving, the Right Way

One of the biggest problems for all new drivers is few people of any age put in the legally required hours before the driving test, or spend adequate time practicing their driving skills behind the wheel before they get out on the road. I cannot emphasis practice driving time enough as a critical element in your becoming a safe driver.  Inadequate practice and seriously lacking skills are a deadly combination.  Good driving comes with exposure and practice, and there are no short cuts.  Learning to drive takes persistence, patience, and practice.
I strongly encourage whomever your adult rider is to watch the Digital Driver Education videos with you, so they, too, know the correct method of how to scan what is ahead of you, what needs checked and adjusted every time you get in the car, and what not to do in a skid. Nearly everyone with a driver’s license thinks they are a better driver than they truly are, and every one of us can improve our driving skills.  Everyone can learn and brush up the fundamental skills for driving throughout life, and should if they are truly being responsible to the serious activity of driving. 

Why You Need To Learn to Drive Before You Try and Drive

Driving in the rain

Driving is a privilege and a major responsibility, not a right.  It is not something you can do as you please with no regard for anyone else, at least if you want to be around for very long or stay out of trouble with law enforcement.  There is a strong component of moral decision-making that is directly part of driving. This includes just learning barely enough to pass a test.  “Just enough” is never, ever enough. It is, however, enough to get you or someone you love maimed or killed, and property destroyed.  As a long-time driving instructor, I can assure you there is no worse feeling than knowing some loved one was going to get a tragic call from the accident we had just passed when out with one of my students. The worst part is, the tragedy was more than likely preventable if the drivers had known good defensive driving skills and were paying attention to everything around them. 

It is Never “Just Enough” to Barely Learn How to Drive

​Too many times in my years as a driving instructor I heard the comment, “I just need enough…” to get by and get to work, to be able to drive to prom, to pass the learner’s permit.  Driving takes practice, a teachable attitude, and common sense. Young people are not indestructible, and neither are older drivers, but we like to think we are and that “it will not happen to us”.  Trust me when I say in my many years of teaching thousands of people to drive that it can and will happen, especially if you do not have the fundamental skills to be a good, safe driver.  A bad driver is one who endangers themselves and others with a haughty know it all attitude, a sense of entitlement, they think they are indestructible, are emotionally distraught or angry and try to drive, think they can drive “just fine” intoxicated, “can do it” while illegally being on the phone or putting on makeup while navigating rush hour, or simply are trying to get home after working back to back shifts and are too tired to be safe.  Driving has to involve a clear head, focus, attention to detail, and fully accepting responsibility for your actions.  If any of those attitudes or situations describes anything close to something you do when you are getting behind the wheel, you do not belong driving. 

All Defensive Driving Lessons Are About Focus and Attention

​Passing your tests are just the starting points of learning and applying the skills to become a safe driver. Driving is a privilege, not a right. It means you are responsible for the safety of everyone around you, and for pedestrians within your range of motion. Driving is a tremendous responsibility that requires you know the foundations, the basic fundamental skills to be able to handle a vehicle on any kind of road surface, in any kind of weather condition, and be competent enough to deal with any kind of emergency to the best of your ability. Too many drivers do not know how to judge distance as shown by tailgating, or illegally use their phones, leading to deadly distractions. Digital Driver Education addresses safe, competent driving to help you become aware, know what to do, and be comfortable making those constant, instantaneous decisions that go into every moment you are behind the wheel.
Hazard Perception

The Bigger Picture of Learning to Drive Is Much More Than Just Getting the License

​Driving is not just about you.  Let me give you an example – think about someone you were riding with after another driver let him or her into a line of traffic, or was courteous and let him or her through to turn. Their whole attitude was suddenly better.  Now think of someone who cuts someone off.  It might have ruined the entire morning, or worse, it got taken out on the next person, including their child or spouse, or some innocent driver, and now their day is ruined, too – and they did nothing to deserve the treatment.  Driving has the potential for strong emotions, healthy empowerment, and a sense of accomplishment. It should never be a thing of entitlement, power, or trying to prove something.
Driving puts you in charge of thousands of pounds of steel and plastic hurtling through space at break neck speeds.  Many people feel driving is exhilarating and powerful, and it is – but only when done responsibly and with skill, following the rules of the road and respecting those around you. Driving is one of the most all-inclusive exercises you will ever engage in, because it takes patience, perseverance, focus, practice, improvement, determination, skill, consideration, tolerance, and a measure of grace. Before you lie down on your horn or yell at someone about their driving, stop. You probably did the same thing five minutes ago. No one is a perfect driver, no matter how long they have been driving. But, the longer you drive, the more you learn to be a good, responsible, safe driver, the longer you will stay safe, and keep others around you safe, too.

A Note to Parents or Adults Helping Someone Learning to Drive

If you are a parent or other adult looking for assistance for a young adult or parent learning to drive, you have come to the right place. Too many times over the many years of teaching every age and every situation to a student driver, I learned that some adult had attempted to “help” in a manner that made it harder for the new driver to learn or pass the examination.  Often it was because of frustration, or having tried to teach the new driver their own poor driving habits.  It takes patience, focus, and setting your own desire to jump in and fix it aside sometimes in order for an inexperienced driver to know what to do and how to do it.
It might be inconceivable to you that “what do you mean you have no idea how to…!” applies to your new driver.  Driving might seem easy after you have done it a while, but it is not.  It is a complex, intense skill set that must be learned through observation and practice. Please understand that your patience, and your attention or disconnect, may be one reason the new driver is struggling, or the older new driver does not drive. If your child was expected to self-monitor via a DVD player, smartphone, laptop, tablet, or electronic toy, your child has not watched you drive. If your aging mother, newly widowed and now forced to drive is fearful, it is completely understandable and a natural response. The first needs understanding of the adult that rides with them to have focus and direction.  The later needs patience, support, and understanding, as it is simply often more challenging for older adults to learn a complex skill in a strange setting.

Driving Practice

Sometimes the best way to help your child learn to drive is to not try and teach them yourself if it is hard to check yourself and have the patience and consistency necessary to teach safe driving skills.  It requires calm guidance and restrained comments from the adult riding along, while reinforcing the correct things to do while driving learned from Digital Driver Education.  This is a key reason I strongly suggest any adult rider helping a practice driver watch the Digital Driver Education course so you now what they need to do, and how to do it correctly.

Yes, You Can Learn to Drive Well – And Pass Your Test

​“Not having nearly enough” is a key reason I spent several years of hard work developing Digital Driver Education.  If you take the time to really study and learn from these videos, and spend the time you are supposed to behind the wheel with a competent, calm, supportive, attentive adult driver, you can pass your driver’s permit with a good score and be on the road to being a safe driver. 
Driving, as I said, is a privilege, and a responsibility. It is one of the shared things we do as humans, and is a socially binding contract we make when we pull on the road, telling the other drivers that yes, I take responsibility for not only my own life, but yours too.  You are never in it alone when you drive. Every car you pass, every pedestrian or pet on the side of the road, you hold their very life in your hands and have a job to do that you must do correctly – drive safe, drive right. Perhaps the biggest weight of all is watching for children, who do not realize just how difficult it is to stop thousands of pounds of fast moving car on a dime. I just pray you are paying attention at all times.
No, there is never “just enough…” when it comes to driving. There is only enough, and it is never enough. You have to constantly strive to be better, safer, more alert, and more considerate, every time you drive. Your life, and theirs, depends on it.
Thanks for caring about the responsibility of driving and signing up for Digital Driver Education. I believe so strongly in this program and the extreme value it provides that it comes with a 90 day full money refund offer if you do not agree. And if you ever have any questions, you can reach me personally at my office I want you to be successful in your quest to become a good, safe, confident driver.

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