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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Maple Ridge

Learning Foundations Makes Maple Ridge Driving School More Effective

To the far east side of Vancouver’s suburbs lays the picturesque town of Maple Ridge. A working person’s community for nearly 150 years, Maple Ridge originally existed on forestry and agriculture. Timber continues to be important economically with building materials, yachts, and poles produced in the area. A port area, Maple Ridge is also known for its “water airports” or seaplane bases. The makeup of the town past the river fork is heavily Finnish, Norwegian, and Kanaka, people from the Pacific Islands brought to work in the region by The Hudson’s Bay Company in the late 19thcentury. 

Driving lessons in Maple Ridge
Primarily a working class town for over a century, Maple Ridge has gained a rather unique new industry in the last several decades, a boost to the economy and creating recognition and tourism in the form of the film industry.  The chosen location for a number of hugely popular series on cable and network TV as well as numerous movies, on any given day when driving in Maple Ridge you are liable to see sets, lights, camera, and action! requiring you to pay attention to detours and flagmen. Your observational skills need to be sharp to stay safe when handling a vehicle in the area, and many drivers do not have those skills, potentially causing mishaps and crashes.

 Driving schools Maple Ridge based may tend to avoid the set areas as they are challenging, and stick to safe routes teaching what they think you need to know to pass the Maple Ridge road test, a part of the British Columbia Graduated Licencing Program. Teaching to the test might help you pass, but it does not provide the basic foundational skills to know everything you need to become a safe, confident driver. A driver who knows what they are doing behind the wheel is a driver who will pass the exam, as the examiner looks to see how you use your mirrors, do you signal correctly, is your judgment of distance and timing to merge done well, and many other skills that are learned through observation, time, and application.

You Need More Than Just Passing the Test from Drivers Lessons Maple Ridge

​One of the biggest challenges when learning to drive in a somewhat separate and protected place like Maple Ridge is you do not get as much exposure to the traffic, congestion, and varying abilities and styles of driving as those sharing the road in Vancouver, or even Coquitlam or Surrey.  Being comfortable in heavy traffic, knowing how to handle a turn in pouring down rain, and what actions have to be taken – literally instantaneously – when an emergency vehicle needs to get by, skills that kids used to begin learning from watching adults drive on a daily basis. The problem is, we do not watch others drive as much as we used to, we watch our electronic devices.  Many drivers have no idea how to navigate by landmarks and signage. In British Columbia there are large fines for using a cell phone in a vehicle, because they are a distraction and endanger you, your passengers, and those driving around you. The skills of observation, deduction, and action must be learned and become part of the automatic bank of knowledge you possess to drive safely and correctly.

Digital Driver Education Makes the Most of Driving School - Maple Ridge

When you go for your driver’s license, Maple Ridge driving examiners want to see that you truly know how to drive, and only then will they pass you. I know this from experience because I am a respected, certified driving instructor and owned one of the top driving schools in the area for nearly two decades. Many students were sent to me that could not pass their road tests, often after many tries and having attended several driving schools. I gained a reputation as someone who could teach what no one else could, and my students proved it by their high passing rates. I realized it was both what and how I taught the basic foundation skills that every driver needs to be safe and competent, and I helped them learn and build on the skills a step at a time. I also found out many of my students had searched in vain for videos or lessons online to help them try and pass, and no resources that covered everything they needed to know were available. 

Maple Ridge Road Test

That is why I created Digital Driver Education. I developed this online program to be economical and so you or the adult riding with you for practice time could use it over and over.  It is a series of easy to understand, concise videos shot from the driver’s seat perspective that build on each step to learn how to execute things what you need to do every time you drive a car, from how to safely turn left across traffic to how to do a parallel park easily and simply. The videos can be viewed as many times as you wish for a full year at the low price of $197. If you ever have any questions, you can reach me at the head office and I will personally take your call and help you. Digital Driver Education will help you get more out of your expensive Maple Ridge Driving lessons, and improve your skills as a driver, whether just learning, refreshing your skills, or learning how we do it here compared to where you are from. Click below to sign up and start improving your driver’s skills today. 

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