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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Kelowna Driving School

You Need More Than Driving School, Kelowna, to Become a Safe Driver

driving school near me kelowna
Located in the center of the Okanagan Valley and to the east of Okanagan Lake, Kelowna British Columbia is a blend of farm-to-table, outside activity, west coast vibe events mixed with gorgeous natural scenery and strong locavore agriculture. Known for the beautiful sunshine in the area, Kelowna boasts more days of weather for golf than any city in Canada. When you come to Kelowna, you may come for a convention, a world class Yoga event, or to visit one of over 40 world-class region wineries that attract oenophiles from around the world. 

 There is a lot to do and see in and around Kelowna, and driving with all the visitors, during festivals, or in winter conditions requires you are attentive and have the skills to be safe. Not all driving lessons Kelowna driving schools offer ready you for your road test. To learn the fundamental skills you need to be a safe, knowledgeable driver in Kelowna, take the online Digital Driver Education program.

Kelowna Driving School Does Not Teach You Real Kelowna Driving

Digital Driving Education came to life after the owner, a long time driving school owner and instructor, realized there was a significant increase in students being sent to her by other driving schools after multiple failures trying to pass the stringent driving portion of their GLP process. She became known as the “Fixer” for students who were not able to gain the skills, understanding, or confidence to pass the driving test after multiple attempts. These students had spent thousands, sometimes at different schools and were unable to become confident drivers. She came to realize her success with them was due to her dedication to foundational skills that provided the building blocks the students needed to know to become safe, good drivers.  Those skills gave the students not just what they needed to pass the test, but a great deal more.

Failed road test

After several years of research and discussion with students, it emerged the one thing they all lacked coming to her were observational skills, the learned repetition, the deductions one had to make when behind the wheel of a car. All those skills were missing, partly due to our now technology focused world.  Driving is a skill of what is about to happen in the greater whole, not only what is in front of you. The result was a clear, easy to understand series of videos on all parts of the driving process that can be referred to any time you wish for a full year for one low price. The skills are good for new drivers, older drivers, those coming from regions or countries with different driving practices, and adults looking for solid, consistent information to help another person learn to handle a vehicle safely and effectively. 

Kelowna Driving Lessons Have Value, But Just Passing the Test is Not Enough

​Too many driving schools only focus on just enough time behind the wheel to get you to pass the test. Some even go so far as to avoid traffic, highways, and crowded streets, let alone night driving or unfavorable weather conditions. Taking you through the route believed to be where the examiner go so you may become familiar, but most examiners know that trick and what if they differ from that. They need to see you are confident behind the wheel, can handle a vehicle in traffic, and know how to respond to cars moving into traffic, if you merge safely, and if you know how to correctly use all your mirrors. Safety is a serious part of the provincial driver’s exam, and the reason many people fail their test results from when they do not check blind spots correctly and more. This program provides you with everything you need, step-by-step, so you can drive in anywhere, under various traffic conditions and do so with confidence.

​Far More Foundational Skills For Far Less Cost Than Driving Schools in Kelowna

Kelowna driving schools simply do not have enough time, repetition of the skills, or even cover the information needed to help you become a safe driver.  This program does.  The lessons are broken down in easy to assimilate sections that build on each skill. The skills you learn are fundamental and basic to all driving practices, and are the ones you would have learned riding and watching a parent or another adult who was a good, safe, competent driver over a long period of time. Modern life takes our attention elsewhere, and we do not put in the years of observation that teach necessary methods of estimating distance, how to predict the direction a driver you see pulling out is headed, and what is going on a half mile down the roadway so you have the time to correctly respond. Our one-year subscription is the low price of $197 for unlimited access to the entire program. You can review any or all of the information any time you wish, and we strongly recommend that the adult who is riding along for your “behind the wheel” hours watch the videos as well. Review of good driving practices is always helpful, no matter if you are a new driver, an older driver brushing up, or a driver from elsewhere learning the habits and practices that help make you a safe driver in Kelowna.

When you need foundational skills to take your skills test, or simply to become a much better, more attentive and safer driver, visit our sample lesson. Our Digital Driver Education series is one of the smartest investments you can make to safely drive in a congested, busy, happening town like Kelowna.  A small investment can save a great deal of money compared to attending driving schools Kelowna based and having to repeat the attempts to obtain your license. 

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