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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Kamloops Driving School

Become Safer with Digital Driver Education Plus Driving School Kamloops

Best driving school Kamloops

Kamloops British Columbia is a center for sports, events, and festivals in British Columbia.  Known as the tournament center of Canada, Kamloops has visitors pour into the area from around the globe for over 100 tournaments a year, including those for fishing, biking, hockey, golf and skiing. A number of festivals including cook-offs, wine and microbrewery events also draw major numbers of visitors who may or may not be acquainted with Canadian driving regulations, or even driving on the right side of the road. When you learn to drive and live in the Kamloops area, you need to automatically prepare to be the better driver who knows where they are going and how to handle a vehicle on the roadways, because you cannot rely on the person in the other car even knowing the rules of the road.
There are a number of driving schools and instructors in the Kamloops area that are certified through ICBC, the provincial driving school regulation and insurance company  Most driving schools want you to learn the skills and be able to pass the Graduated Licensing Program stages, including a written knowledge test and two driving tests. The provincial GLP course provides a minimum of 12 hours  road instruction and 16 hours of classroom instruction. When you pass and start working on your Class 5 license, whether you are at the learners stage or you have your Class 7,  it is suggested to log many hours of time actually behind the wheel before you are tested at each level. The problem is too many people cannot pass the tests after several driving schools, several tests, and never learn the basic foundational material that helps them learn how to be a safe driver. 

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The Digital Drivers Education online program was developed by an instructor who owned a leading driving school. She was noticing how many people come to her for training after failing the driver’s tests multiple times and spending a great deal of money on several different driving school experiences. She realized basic fundamental knowledge and abilities were missing in nearly all the students, the things that are learned through observation and repetition in having to see, assess, and respond to various driving situation and vehicle handling requirements. Everyone learns differently, but driving is a visual and kinesthetic skill set that requires you to know how to apply things you have learned automatically and correctly when needed. Our training does not cover rules of the road – those you can pull up free on line.  The training is not a substitute for being behind the wheel and putting into practice what you learn.  Practice driving, one of the key components that people skimp on before they go test, is essential. The skills to be a safe, competent driver that help avoid collisions, and how to properly execute controlled and diligent turns and merges are all things our training teaches you.  You can review the lessons as much as you wish for a full year with the low one-time subscription of $197.

How to pass a driving exam

Just Taking Driving Lessons, Kamloops, Does Not Make You a Better Driver

Driving Lessons Kamloops

​Driving schools in Kamloops too often focus on trying to ready you to pass the test, and too often, it does not happen. The time behind the wheel and knowing what has to be done every time is what gives you the skill and confidence to pass the exam, not just being taken to drive to the spot the driving test might be given.  Driving schools tend to avoid heavily trafficked areas, locations around events, convention centers, and large crowds. Our video learning system covers those and many more topics and gives not one method but large groups of skills that are shown in real time to help you learn to see, anticipate, and respond correctly and safely when behind the wheel of the car in a wide variety of conditions and circumstances. 

Only Learning to Pass the Kamloops Driving Test is Not Enough

​Driving schools Kamloops if they are experienced, intuitive, focused certified instructors can be helpful.  They are also costly, time consuming, and not nearly instructive enough on what you really need to know to drive well.  In nearly two decades of owning and actively teaching in my driving school, I realized how many students came to me after multiple failures on tests or having invested thousands of dollars in one or more driving schools. They did not have confidence or comfort behind the wheel until they spent time with me learning the foundational skill set and how see, assess, deduce, and make solid decisions in how to respond and handle a vehicle when driving.  When you drive with people from everywhere but here, who do not know the area and have their own driving habits, take the time to learn from our enjoyable video learning series to improve your driving skills so you are safe and confident behind the wheel.

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