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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Chilliwack

Chilliwack Driving School Needs to Cover More Basics

Best driving school in chilliwack

When you live as close to an international border as you do in Chilliwack, British Columbia, you need to know about the drivers in the cars around you. Chilliwack has been a pass through town for business since the Alaskan Gold Rush in 1896. Just over 100 clicks east of Vancouver, Chilliwack is located at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley. It enjoys a moderate climate, and sits right at sea level. This terrific geographical location means the weather is mild, with less moisture than many places in B.C. and there is moisture when needed for crops.  Chilliwack’s agricultural star is corn. Chilliwack is known throughout the west for its bountiful corn crop, fruit orchards, and other agricultural products. Thanks to the beautiful weather farmers sometimes are able to harvest two corn crops a year, and local produce is shipped throughout North America.

Chilliwack is also not far from the United States – Canadian border, and straddles a sizeable river. Chilliwack residents as well as U.S. citizens cross the border, some daily, to shop and work. This means when you are out driving, you are among vehicles captained by people who know different rules of the road, and may not know the ones you have to live by when daily driving.  Tourists passing through to Vancouver and points beyond, the occasional weather challenges, and bridges and structures to navigate a city divided by water all add to the confusion. When you take most driving lessons Chilliwack offers, they are more concerned about you passing the provincial skills test than helping you learn the basics of safe vehicle handling and how to maneuver through traffic so you have confidence when you do pull out on the road. Digital Driver Education focuses on the fundamental skills you need to know and assimilate through observation and repetition by means of our easy to understand, enjoyable foundational videos. 

We Supplement Driving School Chilliwack Lessons

​While driving schools in Chilliwack get you behind the wheel of the car for a few hours, it is not enough to become a safe, competent driver. Much depends on the training, experience, and licensing of the instructors. There is a great deal to learn from a good instructor, but the few hours you have, usually at a pretty high price, do not cover anything but minimums to pass the test. Marcy, the owner of Digital Driver Education, was a fully licensed and certified ICBC and GLP driving instructor and driving school owner for nearly two decades. She realized more and more that many students were being sent to her to “fix” their inability to pass the road test for their Class 7.  Her years as an educator made her dig in and examine why she could succeed where others could not. She knew many of the students sent to her had failed the exam several times, and had spent thousands of dollars, often with several schools.
Marcy realized that what was missing was foundation. Basic tools we learned watching our parents drive while riding along were not being picked up any longer as both children and adults increasingly focused on technology. Things like how to monitor traffic, how to judge distance, right of ways at intersections, how to successfully complete turns in a safe manner, were all missing. Students kept searching for videos to watch for clues to learn these basic skills, and there just wasn’t a full program, containing everything they needed online. Marcy put the need into action, coupled with her two decades of expertise, and created Digital Driver Education.

How to pass a driving exam

Digital Driver Education Helps Make Sense of Chilliwack Driving Lessons

Driving in Chilliwack means you must anticipate and expect certain habits of other drivers, many of them not Canadian. It means you have to be ready for the unexpected in a car and know how to safely handle it, such as a blown out tire or a skid. Observing is the way you learn to apply the words in the driver’s manual. Our videos do not teach rules, those are available online for free. Different than driving schools Chilliwack has training through, the videos teach you how to look, what to look for, and how to handle the vehicle in those situations. Basic, foundational skills that help make you a better driver, a safer driver, with confidence that you will be safe behind the wheel. The Digital Driver Education course is thorough, easy to understand, and broken into short segments with full video and explanation showing you exactly what it looks like from the driver’s seat. Digital Driver Education is great for new drivers, younger drivers, older drivers wanting a refresher course, and drivers new to the region that want to be safe and ready for a slightly different driving experience. We suggest adults riding with learners watch the videos as well, so all parties are aware of and can encourage correct practice driving consistently and alike.

You can access any and all of the videos covering a wide range of topics for a full year with a one time, economical subscription of $197.  Contact Marcy if you have any questions. She wants you to pass your driver’s test, but wants you to be a safe and competent driver more.

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