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DDE Abbotsford Driving School

You Need More Than Abbotsford Driving School Provides

​A hundred miles above Seattle, just below Vancouver, and perfectly quiet and country are all ways to describe Abbotsford, British Columbia. Sitting east of Vancouver and on the International Border, the town is known for it’s famous air show, and the beautiful farmland of Fraser Valley. At just under 150,000 residents, Abbotsford is the largest municipality in the Vancouver area.
While there is good public transport in the area including bus lines, Abbotsford is spread out and is some distance for many who commute to work or school in the region. While enjoying nice weather for much of the year, Abbotsford does see fog and rainy winter conditions that make driving more challenging. If you live or work in the Abbotsford area, it is likely you will have to drive, and that means obtaining a British Columbia Driver’s License. In B.C. there is a series of licencing steps you must go through, called the Graduated Licencing Program, or GLP. The GLP breaks down the licensing process into a written knowledge test, two driving skills tests. Each level has its own designation, and the first requires the student driver have an adult riding in the car for monitoring while they log practice hours. 

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For Success at Driving School Abbotsford, You Need Fundamental Skills

​Due to the difficulty of the GLP examinations, many people opt to take driving lessons Abbotsford based to make it hopefully easier and less stressful when the driving skills portions of the GLP are assessed. The driving tests are notoriously difficult, and many students fail them once or more, and must repay fees and wait between each attempt. Driving schools Abbotsford tend to teach what they think you need to know to pass the test, complete with taking you to practice drive the roadways on which the test will be given. The troubling part is that is not the only area they will be driving after the exam. The driving conditions may be different and they do not know the basic fundamental skills to handle the vehicle in rain, sleet, fog, or heavy traffic.
Another reason you need strong fundamental skills to drive safely in the lower mainland is the diverse population in the Abbotsford area. Many residents learned to drive elsewhere, or have been brought up in households with different driving habits than may be the norm in Canada. It is always your responsibility first to be in control of your vehicle and to operate it in a safe and reasonable manner.  If you do not have the skills to know how to avoid drivers who do not always honor stop signs or signals, or who are used to driving on the other side of the road and forget, you could be in danger as well could your passengers. 

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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

For You To Be Safe, Driving Schools in Abbotsford Shouldn’t Just Teach The Test

​​To be safe, driving school Abbotsford lessons should include a wide cross section of basic training in how to observe down the road, estimate distance and speed, and what to do to control your car with a sudden flat tire. Due to the expense of driving lessons, schools tend to teach what is required for the exam, and little more. I realized this after many students were sent to me having failed their driving skills tests. I owned one of the leading driving schools for 16 years and have been a respected, certified, GLP approved driving instructor for even longer. Many schools sent me their “hopeless” students, whom I soon had driving with confidence and passing their tests. I learned from them they had never gotten the foundation of driving down by watching their parents drive, because they did not watch – they were focused on their phones.  When they went to learn from videos on line, what they could find was never a full, start to finish, program created by a credible source.

how much do driving lessons cost

Digital Driver Education was born out of the need for easy to understand, concise, thorough skill building videos, taken from the driver’s seat perspective in real time that you can watch over and over. I wanted the program to be available to anyone who needed it, as much as they needed it. That is why the entire course is $197 for a full year of watching any or all of it. I suggest your adult rider watch it too, so you are in agreement about the right methods to control a skid, how to safely drive in construction zones, and what to do when emergency vehicles approach. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to call me and I will personally assist you.

You need to be able to drive with confidence and knowing what you are doing, and not just spending a lot of money to try and pass the Abbotsford driving test.  Click the button to get started. The skills you gain will help you in all driving situations, and be those the examiner is looking for when you test.  

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