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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Winnipeg

You Need More Than Driving School, Kelowna, to Become a Safe Driver

Driving school winnipeg
To work at driving schools Winnipeg based requires a few weeks of study and a fairly easy test, and you can get a job or teach private driving lessons. There are not a lot of skills tests or anyone taking a look at how much you really know, let alone how much you really can teach. There is a big need for driving instructors in Winnipeg, as the Manitoba test is tough. It is important to know something about your driving instructor and if they are well qualified. Ask how many years experience they actually have teaching students, and have the students been successful at becoming safe drivers? What is their style, and how interactive are they? These are all important pieces of information for anyone considering laying out the considerable amount of money driving school Winnipeg prices command.

I owned one of the most successful driving schools in Canada and taught for nearly two decades. I learned a lot about what goes into a good driving school and what students need to know and do to become confident, safe drivers. I learned our attachment to modern technology has prevented many kids from acquiring a basic understanding of the road from watching their parents drive years before they can even get their learners licence. Those practices are what help you pass your Manitoba driving test, because the examiner looks for things you do without asking you about them, such as checking your mirrors and blind spots. I became determined to create an affordable program to supplement students across Canada with the knowledge they need to be successful drivers. That program is Digital Driver Education. Click the button Below to learn more.

To start, though, let’s talk about the resilient metropolis of Winnipeg. Each city has its own driving issues and personality, layout and challenges with weather in Canada. Winnipeg is a challenging place to learn to drive, as it is very spread out with an enormous numbers of neighborhoods.  Those neighborhoods contain multitudes of cultures and backgrounds that have all sorts of different driving habits that end up on the street together.  Knowing something about the city helps us become aware and know what to expect on the road.  

To Appreciate Winnipeg Driving School, You Need to Know About Winnipeg

​Sitting only 110 km north of the border, Winnipeg, incorporated in 1873, serves as a primary commerce center not only for Manitoba but the entire northern U.S. Midwest plains.  The provincial capital, Winnipeg acts as a warehouse and transportation center for many agricultural products as well as goods that travel through on their way to various parts of Canada.  Remote and away from oceanic weather influences, Winnipeg still experiences a wide variety of weather due to arctic fronts pushing through as well as heat and summer storms common in the plains. As the seventh largest municipal area in Canada, Winnipeg is referred to as the “Gateway to the West” due to its rail and truck hubs. Boasting a very diverse cultural base and economic foundation, Winnipeg is known for agriculture, governmental affairs, and of course, sports. If you do not love hockey, you might not want to move to Winnipeg unless, of course, it’s to ice fish. 

Winnipeg Driving Test Instructors Have a No-Nonsense Heritage

Occupied long before Europeans came to the region, Winnipeg received its name from Lake Winnipeg, named by Cree who had lived and traded in the area for centuries. The name, “muddy water” referred to the lake and the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. French fur trappers established the first makeshift settlement in 1738, followed by the Selkirk Concession in 1811, a land grant of the Crown that stretched from modern day Saskatchewan across to western Ontario, and from Hudson’s Bay into what is now substantial parts of Minnesota and the Dakotas. Hudson’s Bay Company was opposed to the humanitarian focus of the Selkirk grant, a resettlement effort to assist displaced Scottish farmers. The Hudson’s Bay Company finally conceded to a reduced footprint colony for the Scottish immigrants, realizing the tough, resilient farmers could produce grain for flour, beef, pork, and dairy products, thus reducing the cost of importing food supplies from the United Kingdom.
The early settlements suffered a number of setbacks in the Red River region, including disease, floods, warfare, prairie fires and epidemics. The near extermination of the plains bison caused exceptional hardship, lost as a primary food source due to actions of the United States government. The settlers were affected by disease, which ravaged the work force so severely sufficient food crops could not be planted. Governance was poor, and the difficulties between the new settlement, the North-west Company and The Hudson’s Bay Company were significant, much due to attempts to control the fur trade. The conflict grew into bloody battles resulting in forts being burned, numerous settlers being killed, and many failed attempts at negotiation. 
The British Crown forced a treaty, then merger of the Scottish controlled North-east Company and Hudson’s Bay in 1821, realizing the agricultural gains of the settlements were more long lasting and significant than the disputed fur trade. 
The rights of the Aboriginal Canadians and Metis, the part First Nations – part European peoples, and later disagreements over French-English rights, kept what was by then called Red River in turmoil. After decades of rebellions, forced Anglicization, attempts by the U.S. government to annex vast stretches of fertile Red River farmland, and unprepared leadership, the Crown officially created Manitoba in 1870 in an attempt to unify Canada and established a functional governing body in the province. 

Driving Lessons in Winnipeg Might Not Prepare You For This Transportation Hub

​As a hub for the Canadian Railway, a critical player in the movement of goods east and west for both Canadian and United States businesses, Winnipeg quickly grew to the third largest city in Canada.  The opening of the Panama Canal in 1914 hurt the railway’s profitability as goods could now move east to west in larger quantity at less cost by ship. Winnipeg did not recover the economic hit, made worse by WW1. Droughts, the Great Depression of 1929, and low farm commodity pricing caused Winnipeg to struggle until WW2. Winnipeg saw a housing boom and financial improvement due to the need for agricultural products and then transportation of materials during the war. It suffered another significant blow in the 1950 Red River Flood, an event that devastated a majority of the area.  The recession of the 1980’s saw Winnipeg loose many major businesses including two enormous meatpacking plants and the Winnipeg Tribune. Threatened again in 1997, 2009 and 2011, Winnipeg was saved massive damage from Red River flooding by the Red River Floodway. The fight for survival and rights down through hundreds of years has made the people of Winnipeg resilient, independent, and tough.

Winnipeg sees 72,000 people a day commute into downtown to work, with an additional 40,000 students heading to university and college campuses. To say that Winnipeg traffic can be challenging is putting it mildly. Many neighborhoods are congested, and the entire city is laid out with multitudes of parks, historical properties, gardens, and various features that roadways have to wrap around, avoid, or otherwise navigate. Knowing where you are going and how to use signage and landmarks is critical as using your cellphone is not allowed and being distracted by GPS is not safe. You need to be able to handle a vehicle in heavy traffic, at times on narrow streets, among drivers of every age and background bustling to get somewhere. Some of them do not read the languages on the street signs, and cars and pedestrians darting in and out of traffic are very common and add danger. It is your responsibility when driving a car to avoid accidents, pedestrians, or causing situations that can harm others. Learning just enough to pass the Winnipeg driving test questions is nowhere near what you need in terms of fundamental skills to drive safely and confidently.

heavy traffic Winnipeg

Winnipeg sits in the literal bottom of the Red River Valley flood plain, on some of the flattest land in Canada. The red clay soil creates challenges for drainage, and can create some for drivers as well.  Driving schools in Winnipeg may not teach students how to handle a vehicle mired in mud or approaching a wet, slick patch of clay on a roadway. Clay is notoriously sticky and slippery, and if you do not have the skills to handle a vehicle on a wet clay surface, you and the vehicle could be in jeopardy. With an abundance of severe prairie thunderstorms in the summer, and extreme below zero temperatures accompanied by wind chill during winter, driving safely in all kinds of weather is a critical skill in Winnipeg. Few driving instructors Winnipeg based cover more than making sure your headlights are on and to clear frost from your windshield. 

Driving Lessons, Winnipeg, May Not Give You the Fundamentals You Need

​What you really need is a defensive driving course, Winnipeg. The best driving schools in Winnipeg simply might not take the time, even though they are expensive, to teach you the necessities of proper observation. Making certain that you fully understand the correct right of ways and procedures at intersections as well as very strong hazard perception and of course teach you how to park.

Failed road test

The reason is the focus of driving instructors in Winnipeg is your being able to pass the Winnipeg driving quiz. Their reputation for students passing the driving test makes a difference in how many new students they see come through their doors, and as any one knows, driving lessons Winnipeg prices are steep. The sad part is, many students do not pass their driving skills examination on their first try. The reason is the examiner wants to make sure that before they issue you a drivers licence that you are safe on the road, you know how to handle a car well, and have the confidence to be safe and observant in traffic. They will also check if you are using your mirrors, if you are doing shoulder checks in the correct direction and properly timed. Those skills are learned by observation and time, and then put into practice. They are skills we learn to get better and better at over time with practice and experience. 

How Much Observation Do Winnipeg Driving Instructors Teach? Not Enough.

Winnipeg has 236 official neighborhoods within its vast borders, not including the local outlying areas residents tend to refer to when giving directions.  Note: if the giver grew up in rural Manitoba, you can bet the distance of “a coupla’ miles” is probably closer to 20 than 10. Winnipeg is spread out, with a very diverse population of three-quarters of a million inhabitants in the city proper. Bisected by two rivers, the city can be challenging to navigate in clear weather, let alone summer storms. Since Manitoba still recognizes itself as a blend of French and English cultures, street signs are in both languages and some neighborhood signage leans more one way than another. Knowing where you are going and how to get there is an important life skill Winnipeg driving schools do not teach.
Winnipeg driving lessons may not cover the step-by-step observation and decision making skills, coupled with foundational driving knowledge we used to learn watching our parents drive. When those clues, signals, signs, and opportunities are not learned and put into action automatically, for example, when a car runs a stop sign …you need to already have a solid foundation of driving skills in place so you are constantly scanning intersections and anticipating that this can happen therefore you are prepared and will not be involved in a crash due to the incorrect actions of others.

Digital Driver Education Can Help You Pass The Driving Test, Winnipeg

I developed Digital Driver Education for people just like you. I know if you are reading this you either are a new driver who needs help, a seasoned driver who wants to refresh your skills, or perhaps are a new driver to Canada and need to know the correct driving protocol and ways of handling a vehicle on our streets.  You might be a frustrated parent of a teen driver who “should know” how some things are done when driving, but they just don’t.  I owned one of the top driving schools in Canada for 16 years and have been a certified instructor for more years than that. While running my school I realized I was getting a lot of students sent to me from other schools, similar to the best driving school in Winnipeg, who after multiple tries simply did not have the confidence or skills necessary to pass their driver’s test. Sometimes these students had been to several schools, and spend thousands of dollars to come up empty handed. 

Driver Saftey

Oddly, it often had nothing to do with someone simply not being able to learn to drive, because I usually found out how bad the challenges had been after they had become safe, consistent, solid drivers under my tutelage and also passed their tests. I tried to figure out what I did so different than the best driving school Winnipeg had to offer did, and I finally realized it was the foundational basics that I covered step by step, explained in detail, until my students learned, applied, and could confidently execute their turns, merging, or stop positions I had shown them. They learned how to judge distance, what needed to be “seen” ahead, beside, and behind the car at all times, and how to brake, steer, and control speed correctly. Good old foundational assimilated basics were what they were missing.

When I talked to the students about my observations, they all admitted they had never paid much attention while riding with their parents, as they for the most part had been engaged with technology. I also learned they had searched extensively for online tutorials, aids, or videos to help them, to no avail. They couldn’t find anything that had it all, from the beginning to the road test. I realized there was a big missing block of information about learning how to drive correctly and safely, and I set about creating Digital Driver Education to fill the void. It took me over two years to make the driver’s seat view videos, with careful attention to creating lessons in segments that were short, easy to understand and had skills that built on one another. I also knew from experience that the videos had to be able to be reviewed many times, as some students needed more repetition than others. Some needed to be shown how to do something in order to learn a particular thing, others needed to read about it and others learned best from hearing the information a few times. Lastly, I wanted it to be affordable, because I knew how expensive driving school in Winnipeg and elsewhere could be, and I wanted it available to anyone who needed help. 

That is why the complete Digital Driver Education program is only $197. The all-inclusive price gives you access for one full year of viewing as many times as you wish.

Digital Driver Education Can Help You Pass the Winnipeg Driving Test

road test Winnipeg

​What Digital Driver Education is not are the rules of the road, penalty point and fines. Those rules and regulations are available free. What DDE provides is a thorough step-by-step education in how to assess, process, and execute foundational moves, motions, and maneuvers you need to have to be confident, safe, and a successful driver.  Every skill you learn is immediately applicable when you drive. We suggest the supervising driver who rides with you also views the program so both of you are working from the same good foundational information on how to correctly do everything you need to learn.
Two of the most important things I learned in nearly 20 years teaching people how to drive whom others thought were hopeless were patience and being willing to answer questions and explaining the “why’s”.  That belief is so important to me that if you have any questions about the program, please contact me at the company head-office. I will personally take your call or answer your message and help you. I know that helping you gain confidence as a driver helps everyone on the road.  Click the button below, and start enjoying the skills you will gain to pass your road test and increase your confidence and safety today. 

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