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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Vancouver

Why You Need Driving Lessons, Vancouver

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From its humble beginnings as a makeshift tavern on the edge of the Hastings Mill sawmill over 150 years ago, Vancouver has grown up – a lot. Now one of the densest populated cities in North America, the gorgeous city of Vancouver is a thriving metropolis with a healthy economy, a widely diverse population, and a strong commitment to the environment and renewable resources. Vancouver is one of the busiest shipping terminals on the west coast, and enjoys a busy business base with record tourism from around the world. Pristine waters, mountains, lush greenery, natural swamps, abundant wildlife and just about any form of outdoor recreation you can imagine all are within easy reach of this modern, vibrant town.
My name is Marcy and I am proud to call this region home. I have lived in the greater Vancouver area for most of my life, and I was owner of one of the most respected driving schools in the region for nearly two decades. During that time I also was a highly regarded driving instructor and gained a nickname of “the Fixer”, bestowed on me by my fellow driving instructors.  The rumor among them was I could teach anyone to drive and teach them to drive well. Other driving schools in Vancouver sent their “hopeless” students to me regularly, students who just could not pass their driving skills tests for their British Columbia Graduated Licencing Program.  Sometimes it was a student who was just so nervous that every time they got into a car with some other Vancouver driving instructor, they shook so badly they could not even get the key in the ignition for a minute or more.
The interesting part was once I started helping these students with clear, detailed instructions and information about what they needed to know to drive, they gained confidence, their skills grew, they stopped shaking, and they passed their tests. It was almost amusing how the urban legend spread, and I got students in for driving lessons, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Port Moody, from all over the region and even out of the area, coming for lessons. I did not think there was anything I did a lot different except have the compassion, focus, discipline, and patience needed to help these students others had given up on. One thing I also found rather disturbing, though, was the high monetary price these students or their family had paid to earn the right to fail their driving tests. Some of them had been to multiple schools, and paid many thousands of dollars. It was important to me to figure out why I could succeed at teaching these students, just like I taught all my students, the same basic, fundamental, step-by-step process to build up the skills they needed to learn to drive.

Do You Really Know How To Pass Your Driving Test, Vancouver?

​It finally came to me after years of asking students what was so different why they kept telling me they really did not know what to do, and had no idea what the driving examiner meant when he said they did not check their blind spots correctly. Some had failed because they were lacking in hazard perception. Over time I finally realized there were two big things missing for all of these students when they were sent my direction to “fix”.  One, they had not been taught the fundamental skills of actually how to drive, and why they need to do the things they need to do.  These things should have been covered during the driving classes Vancouver area schools offered. The second was they had no innate knowledge from observation over time. What I mean by that is they had not really watched anyone actually drive. That might sound a bit strange since in today’s life filled with soccer moms and second parenting dads with a handful of active grandparents and neighbors thrown in, they had not observed driving. When I took the time to talk to my students and drill down, and I asked them what they meant, I usually got a shrug accompanied by “Well, I just never bothered to watch them, I was, like, on my phone or playing a game most of the time when we drove anywhere.”

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The bulb lit up. We used to start learning to drive by watching our parents, and even asking those constant kid questions about what, where, and why – “What does that thing do?”  “Why are you turning on your signal now?”  “ Why are you pulling over to the side of the lane to turn?”  With a million more questions, observations, and deductions we ended up forming a big pile of data during that time and it became resident in our brains. That began to teach us “Driving! This is how you do it!”  Of course, the data had to be put to work behind the wheel of a car in practice, but we knew by watching pretty much what had to be done.  When I asked my students about my conclusion, they readily agreed, and nearly every one of them added, “I tried over and over to find something to show me what to do on the Internet, but there just isn’t anything out there that had everything I needed to learn to be prepared for my road test”  It was then I knew I had to create Digital Driver Education. 

A Top Driving Instructor, Vancouver, Knows How to Help You Really Learn to Drive

As a top certified driving school Vancouver BC area instructor, I knew that any student who paid good money to a diving school should be getting accurate, thorough instruction. I realized that many of my fellow instructors did not even remotely understand what the challenge was; let alone how to help remedy the problem. I figured it out, and spent over two years creating a massive collection of short, easy to understand, clearly able to see what to do videos that carefully and thoroughly explained exactly what to do to execute a given driving task. They are all taken from the driver’s seat perspective, so you “see” exactly what you would if you were driving. I explain what you need to look for, how to gauge things like speed and distance, even down to where and how the car ought to be positioned to make a safe turn correctly, where the car needs to be when you stop at a marked cross walk or stop line, or how to look all around you but especially ahead, constantly, to be able to anticipate what you may have to be ready for, or respond to, while driving. All this is done in short video format that you can watch in sequence, one at a time, or over and over until it feels comfortable so you can apply the principle when out logging your practice driving hours. 

Vancouver Driving School Is Often Not Enough

​It is unfortunate that when in many a driving school in Vancouver, the driving instructor is most concerned with teaching you to pass the driver’s test. They often will even have you do your practice driving over the exact route they think the examiner takes, so you can know where you need to stop or turn. The problem is, the driving examiners have many many different routes they can take, and the way many students fail has nothing to do with the route. Instead, it depends on their observation skills, do they actually check the blind spot before changing lanes, and do they know how to back into a parking stall safely. It is usually what the examiner does not ask you to do that costs you points on the test, because they need to see you do them automatically so they know you are a safe, competent driver. If you never learned what to do, it is impossible to know how to do it, period.

The Driving Schools Vancouver Based Are Not All Equal

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​It is actually pretty easy to qualify for an instructors licence allowing you to charge people to teach them to drive. That does not mean you are actually any good at teaching  people how to drive, and it certainly does not mean that all driving instructors and schools are equal in quality in the Vancouver region. Cheap driving lessons, Vancouver, are cheap driving lessons. Hands-on training at good driving schools with experienced instructors is not inexpensive, but since the GLP is hard and several years ago got a lot harder, it created a big need for instructors. When you are picking out a driving school, ask for references, read reviews critically and ask what is actually covered. Notice how much they ask you about your unique set of circumstances. Do they sound like they want to provide you with what will best suit your needs or do they sound like they would just like to sell you a set package, without first discovering anything about you. If everything points to just passing the test, you are not going to get the fundamental skills you must learn to be a safe, competent driver. 

The Best Driving School Vancouver Has Sent Me Students So They Could Finally Pass

​Some people would question why I was so patient with students who were obviously terrified to drive, or seemingly just could not “get it” enough to pass the test. The reason is I know how many of those students became highly skilled drivers, safe drivers, and often one of the best drivers in their family. They needed the information and the time behind the wheel to learn and apply what they learned to become confident.  A driving license, Vancouver area and elsewhere, is an almost total necessity to attend school, get to work, pick up the kids from practice, or take your wife to the hospital for delivery of your firstborn. Too many metropolitan areas do not have even close to adequate public transport. Vancouver is exceptional for what is available in this region, but you only have to stop for a split second to realize how extremely difficult if not impossible it would be to reach most of the city if you could not drive. 

Finding the Help You Need at a Driving School Vancouver

​Digital Driver Education is the source for the help you need to learn what you need to know, not only to pass your driving test, but to become a good, safe driver. Often driving school is an expensive way to get your driving practice time in, at least part of it, because too many new drivers do not actually get the time they are required to by law to practice their driving skills. I strongly suggest that the supervising driver who rides with you to practice, watch the DDE videos with you. This way both of you are on the same page and know the safe, appropriate way to handle any given situation, using the skills as taught. As a supplement to your driving classes Vancouver based, you will learn a great deal of information that will help you understand why you need to do what you do when you drive, how to avoid mishaps, and how to become an attentive, focused, alert, defensive driver. 

Get the Most Out of Your Vancouver Driving Lessons

 I wanted this critical information, teaching foundational driving skills, to be available to everyone that needed it, not just students who could afford expensive driving school lessons. That is why the entire program is only $97 for one full year of online access. You can watch the videos as many times as you want or need, a whole set, or just the one you need to focus upon.  If you ever have any questions, you can reach me at the company head-office. I will personally answer them, just as if you were one of my driving students taking in-car lessons from me.

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