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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Surrey

Digital Driver Education Complements Surrey Driving School

driving lessons surrey
​One of the fastest growing towns in the greater Vancouver metropolitan area is Surrey, British Columbia. Primarily a residential community, Surrey consists of seven primary neighborhoods wrapped around a great deal of industrial property, technology ventures, alternative and green energy facilities, and farmland. The Agricultural Trust, established in most Canadian communities, assures that a significant portion of cities be zoned to allow agricultural ventures, assuring local production of food. This focus means fresh and local while supporting the increased emphasis on better energy management important throughout much of Canada. 

Surrey is a wonderful blend of ethnicity and culture, and each neighborhood has its own makeup and flavor. Some of the largest, and oldest, South Asian groups in Canada live in Surrey, and there are festivals, sporting complexes, and community events that draw many different segments of the unique Canadian experience together as neighbors during Surrey events. Newcomers to Surrey or those having to commute out and back through its increasingly urban sprawl find the provincial Graduated Licencing Program challenging to qualify, and often turn to driving schools Surrey based to try and learn what they need to know. Too often those schools do not go into enough detail, show what and how you need to actually complete a move or maneuver, or explain what goes into some decisions you have to make constantly while you drive. Digital Driver Education was designed to meet the needs of learners for foundational skills and information to help them build confidence and become safe drivers before they must take the exam.

Learn to Drive Safer with Driving Lessons Surrey

Driving school in Surrey is often set in a neighborhood, and while that might be convenient for pickups and drop offs while you are taking lessons, it also means the driving instructor Surrey based probably tends to teach just around the neighborhood. They may not even cover the kind of driving experience you should expect during the skills examination. Surrey is spread out, growing fast, and serves as a residential area feeding commuters into other congested parts of the Vancouver region for work and school. Traffic can be heavy, and with the large variety of cultures and backgrounds, there is probably more variety in how people drive than most any other town in North America. You need to be able to assess the situation around you when you drive to decide how to respond, handle, or proceed based on how you see drivers and their cars acting in traffic. 

driving school in Surrey bc
Unfortunately, that is an observational skill that many learners are weak at today, as our attention is given to our electronic devices and not to watching the driver we are riding along with and learning from them as we go before the time that we get our learners licence. Driving lessons Surrey BC based teach you how to hopefully pass the road test, however, you may not necessarily be prepared well enough to be on your own. To be safe, you need to learn the fundamentals of driving through observation and practice. Digital Driver Education was designed with exactly that motivation, a series of short, easy to understand videos taken from the driver’s seat and explained in detail, step-by-step how to do the things you need to do to be safe when driving a vehicle. 

Does Your Driving School Surrey Based Teach What You Need to Know?

​Being one of the largest industrial areas in British Columbia, Surrey is seeing tremendous growth in health, education, clean energy, advanced manufacturing and technology. Surrey is actively involved in creating long range plans to reduce automobile usage and even opened the first biofuel plant in North America, but initiatives still keep getting set aside. This means public transportation will not solve your problems for quite some time as Surrey continues to grow.  Expected to pass Vancouver in size within the next decade, all that growth means construction, changes in traffic patterns, rerouted streets, and drivers who are unsure about how to get where they need to go.  Observation, being able to see ahead and deducing what other drivers might do, knowing how to navigate landmarks and directions, all are basic skills you need to get safely across a metropolis like Surrey. Surrey driving lessons may lack many of the fundamental skills you need to know and use regularly to drive confidently and safely. 

Digital Driver Education Complements Surrey Driving School Lessons

 Hi, my name is Marcy and I want to help you learn the basic skills you need to know intimately in order to have a solid foundation and drive well. I am a well-respected driving instructor of nearly 20 years and owned one of the top driving schools in western Canada for nearly that entire time. I have seen the area grow rapidly and welcome the diverse population that makes living in this part of Canada so rich and exciting. Many of my students over the years were immigrants or children of immigrants who were struggling to get the help they needed to learn what they had to know to drive safely and confidently, and be able to pass the road test. A lot of those students had been to other driving schools in Surrey and often had spent a lot of money, and were still too scared to drive or simply did not have the skills needed or know the basics in order to pass their driving exam. What I realized was many of those students had not been afforded the opportunity to observe others driving in a competent, safe manner, and needed to learn the foundations about how to drive. There was no material on the Internet available to help them, either. I had great success providing the tools they needed to know about how to drive with confidence, and pass their tests.
I saw a need for many other students who could use help with fundamental skills, like how to figure out when it was safe to pass, what you needed to do when parking on a hill, or how to correctly monitor speed and following distance. It might sound easy if you have been a good driver a long time, but to someone trying to learn, it can be very difficult if you never get to see what you need to do.  I took over two years filming, editing, and building the Digital Driver Education program. It covers a large variety of foundational skills step-by-step that you must know how to do, and do correctly, when behind the wheel of a vehicle. The videos are short, and can be viewed in order, one at a time, or as many times as you need. I wanted as many students as possible to benefit from my years of experience so keeping the price low was important, because I know how much a driving school Surrey BC can end up costing.

driving school surrey

​Digital Driver Education’s entire program is only $197 for a full year of access. I suggest the supervising driver with you go through the videos, too, so everyone in the car agrees on the right way to do things when driving. If you ever have any questions you can call me direct at the company head-office.  My goal is for you to become a confident, safe driver every time you set out to drive, not just to pass a driving exam.  Get the most out of driving classes Surrey based with Digital Driver Education. You can learn what you need, at your pace, in the comfort of your home, and then apply the lessons during classes or practice driving times. Good for brand new drivers, Digital Driver Education is a one-stop complete driver skills program you can watch, absorb, and use immediately. Click below to get started. 

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