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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Saskatoon

You Need More To Be A Safe Driver Than Driving School, Saskatoon

Driving School Saskatoon
As one of the few major city in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon provides everything needed by a metropolitan city. Divided by the Saskatchewan River, the area is a cold, semi-arid region located in flat plain. Remains of the ancient Hudson Bay slough dot the northern end of town, and most directions in the area are given in terms of east or west of the river. Legend has it that Saskatoon was named for a violet colored, sweet wild berry that is plentiful in the area, long gathered by First Nations tribes, fur trappers, and early settlers as a food source. More recently linguists have found that the name actually comes from “Sask-kwa-tan”, a Cree phrase translating roughly as “the place where willows are cut.”  The river and slough provided ample, high quality willow for arrow shafts, and tribes came to the region to obtain this needed natural resource for centuries.

Saskatoon has long, cold, sometimes snowy winters. Driving in an area of extreme cold with humidity coming off water can lead to some challenging winter driving conditions, and driving classes Saskatoon offers may not teach a lot of the basic skills needed to navigate the dangerous, icy roads.  Skills to handle black ice, wet roads, slush, and white out come with watching and learning from a knowledgeable driver who knows how to safely deal with winter. Observation also helps create a solid foundation of skills learned by watching then doing for merging into traffic, who has the right of way at intersections. These skills you learn from watching the surroundings as you ride, with a good driver who knows how to maintain consistent speed, leave enough room when passing, and when not to turn because it is too risky are critically important to your success and safety as a driver. Kids nowadays don’t seem to get that information before they are old enough to drive as they can be looking at their electronic devices much of the time when being driven places.

Saskatoon Driving School May Teach to the Test

​When you go to take your driving test Saskatoon proves pretty isolated in some ways. While it is a metropolitan area, the resources that are available are finite and you get what they want to offer. Many of the driving schools tend to know they have a market of new drivers, and drivers refreshing their skills cannot easily get to other places for training. That makes it easy to only teach what is absolutely necessary to pass the road test. While gaining those skills is good, they are not necessarily the only skills you really need to deal with passing a slow moving vehicle, or knowing how to correctly handle a busy intersection turning left across two lanes of rushing traffic. While the driving examiner will test on those things, the driving schools habitually try and train you to the route they believe the examiners normally take during the test, and sometimes little more. A safe parking lot for showing you know how to diagonal park, or back roads off the main thoroughfare do not give you the fundamental skills necessary to navigate, let alone feel comfortable, in heavy traffic, winter snowstorms, or what to do to move a car safely off the road when a flat tire occurs. Digital Driver Education Course can help to fill in all the gaps.

Saskatoon Driving Test

Defensive Driving is 100% Focused Driving

​Everything you do in a car should be seen as defensive driving, not just when you are trying to avoid the car swerving all over the highway in front of you. A safe driver is a defensive driver, always looking ahead, always checking blind spots, always watching for any movement that automatically alerts you to a child chasing a ball and darting out between cars. Those are all skills you should learn in any driving class, let alone a defensive driving course Saskatoon based, because they are fundamentals and foundations of how you should be driving every day – focused, alter, aware of your surroundings, and in complete control of the vehicle at all times. Most of the time, that learning never gets to happen.
If you had a good adult driver role model to watch while growing up, you are fortunate. Sadly few new drivers had a role model that really knows how to defensively drive, and fewer still paid attention while they engaged with their electronic devices. Those skills learned by see-process-deduce-repeat are sorely missing due to our modern culture and what gets our attention. That lack of basic knowledge is the reason most people fail their driver’s test, and that is why being taught to the test simply does not work.
Marcy, the creator of Digital Driver Education, was a certified driving school owner and instructor for nearly two decades. She realized more and more other driving schools were sending students to her for retraining, some for the third or fourth time they had spent the time and money and simply could not pass the driving road test. Marcy had terrific completion rates when her students had completed her program, and she began to examine what was so different. She realized she thoroughly explained and showed them the step by step process of how to drive, how to observe, how to make logical, rational conclusions from those observations, and apply them while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Her students lacked foundational knowledge they had to have to be safe drivers, and with confidence enough to pass the driving exam. It did not matter if they got taken to the “expected exam route” or not, they knew what needed done, and how to do it, to be a safe and competent driver anywhere.
Marcy’s students also related that there was nothing they could learn from when they were not with her during the precious hours of class. A light bulb went off, and Marcy realized there were no resources online, where her students were looking. Over several years she painstakingly created from the driver’s seat videos, easy to understand, short and concise, and build an entire foundation skill program for drivers. After much testing, Digital Driver Education was launched so everyone had access to learn the desperately needed solid foundation of skills to become a good driver.

A Saskatoon Driving Test is Not Easy and They Get Progressively More Difficult

driving school in Surrey bc

Driving schools in Saskatoon that just teach to the test do not give you the skills you need during practice driving to adequately prepare for testing. The Digital Driver Education online course is an inexpensive means of gaining those fundamental skills and being able to watch them completed in real time, over and over, so you can absorb and figure out exactly what needs to happen when you need to do “just that” in a driving situation. Marcy wrote the class to be easy to use and review. The full one-year subscription gives you unlimited access for $97.  She suggests the supervising driver watch the videos as well, so the new driver and the adult both know the same good, solid driving information. Driving lesson Saskatoon based works very well with the course for an at home study resource. DDE can help make those hours more productive with increased safety as you drive on your learning permit.

If you have questions about how the Digital Driver Education online course works, or how it can help answer questions and fill the knowledge gaps you or your loved one have about how to be a good, safe driver, give Marcy a call. She is happy to answer your questions and put her years of expertise in good use helping others to be safe drivers and confidently pass their exams.

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