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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Regina

Supplementing Your Regina Driving School Experience Means Success

regina driving school
For a big town in the middle of flat, pretty plain grasslands, Regina Saskatchewan has a very colorful history that has time and again placed it in the forefront of Canadian news. Originally the territorial capital of the North-west Territory, Regina was called Wascana for many years, the Cree name for the location of a pile of buffalo bones next to a small, non-descript creek. The newly appointed territorial governor’s wife, Princess Louise, did not like the name, and suggested her husband retitle the small railroad crossroad “Regina” in honor of Queen Victoria, her mother. The change occurred, not without protest, in 1882.  Regina has gone through many ups and downs over it’s interesting history, including sparking a major Metis movement to oppose the Canadian government, near ruin during the Great Droughts and Great Depression, and barely surviving the most devastating cyclone in Canadian history in 1912. Regina has been the hub for a number of farm and social based political parties developing, and has never sat still in the viewpoints and opinions of farmers, laborers, and others that took a stand in grass roots politics heard across Canada.

Regina is now a beautiful, metropolitan area with several universities.  A rail and transport gateway to all parts west in Canada, Regina sees a great deal of traffic ranging from semi to rail and regular vehicles on the roadways, many involved in the substantial agricultural and significant mineral resources found in the province. This traffic is combined with what may only be truly called honest to goodness full-blown winter weather. Regina, while dry, is still replete with below zero temperatures bolstered by artic gales creating conditions requiring attentive driving with skill. Our Digital Driver Education course is an economical way to supplement your behind the wheel driving practice with practical, easy to understand short videos that thoroughly explain step-by-step actions, observations, and maneuvers all drivers must know how to do. While the driving classes Regina offers may help ready you for the driving test, you most likely will not pass the test on one or more tries unless you have those skills learned through observation, the fundamentals of all driving. The challenge is gaining those skills, because observation is not usually part of riding in a car any longer. Digital Driver Education was developed to address exactly those skill needs. 

You May Not Get The Foundation Skills Needed at Driving School Regina

​Driving schools Regina located tend to center on the neighborhood their office occupies when they take students out to drive. Regina is a wide, spread out city, and very neighborhood oriented, some with local speed limits and quirks.  Most Regina area residents commuted from suburbs or even towns well out of the city, meaning considerable rush hour traffic to content with.  Being able to spot those differences in ordinances allows you to travel through the entire city without speeding or breaking the rules.  The way you learn to watch for signs, changes in driving patterns, or unique street layouts around lakes, trees, statuary and other objects comes through observation of the adults who drove when you were a child. Those observations provide bits of information about how far ahead to look, what you need to check when backing up, and how to set your mirrors correctly. Those things become habits and automatically part of the “routine” you go through every time you get in to drive. 

Failed road test

Driving Lessons Regina Focused Need to Teach More Than Passing the Exam

​Marcy, the founder of Digital Driver Education, realized during her many years as an expert driving instructor and driving school owner that her students lacked those skills that used to be learned by repetitive observation. When she talked to her students, many had been sent by other driving schools where they had failed to pass exams that were just like the Regina driving test.  They had gone through the other school’s complete program, and nearly all shared they did not have any reference points from which to learn some of the things they were failed on by the examiner. Marcy began to see that the observation kids used to gain before they are driving age was missing because of the attention to technology while riding in the car with parents now. The surroundings and events going on around her students had not been paid much attention to, and no absorbing how and what to do had occurred. Things even as simple as landmarks and being able to learn a route without electronic assistance were a mystery as well. As a certified instructor and owner of one of the top driving schools in western Canada, Marcy knew that not only was she able to teach her students the foundational skills they needed to know to be safe drivers, but they were passing their tests. After searching she also realized that there were no programs available to teach those skills to students she could not train in person, and the concept of a digital online video program took shape. 

Digital Driver Education is The Best Online Driving Instructor, Regina

online driving education

Marcy spent several years writing, filming, and polishing the Digital Driver Education program. A series of step-by-step videos, in short, easy to understand segments, the lessons build on each skill to provide a series or set that gives you everything you need to know to execute a particular driving skill. How to judge distance, what to watch for ahead of the car in traffic, and how to correctly make a safe left hand turn all are covered, with much more. The segments can be accessed as many times as wished for one low subscription price of $197 for an entire year of access. If you ever have questions about anything in the course, you can reach Marcy at the company head office and she will be happy to speak with you.

Passing the driving test, Regina, is important, but it is more important you know how to pass the test with confidence and the real skills you need to be a safe driver anywhere in the city, not just in the neighborhood the examiner takes you. Click below to sign up for the course. If you have an adult rider to a student driver, it is best to have them watch the videos as well, as having the same experienced information from a sought after, successful driving instructor who’s students do pass the tests can make practice driving sessions much more effective. Digital Driving Education gives new drivers the solid foundation of driving skills they need to be safe and confident when it’s time to book a road test.

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