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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Langley

Langley Driving School – Do You Really Learn How to Drive?

Qualified road test

As a GLP certified driving instructor for many years, I had a lot of frustrated students come to me after taking other driving programs and not having learned how to drive. They had failed the road test over and over, and their driving school in Langley could not tell them why. It was my job to help them discover what they did not know, and show them how to do it safely and correctly in order to become good drivers. My students learned how to drive, and drive well. I had many students come from as far away as Langley, many of them on referrals from other driving schools and instructors that really never taught them to drive, instead, taught them to try and pass the test. While passing the test is great, it does not really prepare you to drive in Langley, a growing town on the east mainland, or anywhere else in the Vancouver area for that matter.


If you live in Langley, being able to safely handle a car is important for more than just needing to get to Vancouver. Langley is growing and has one of the most active commercial and industrial centers in the area. There are upscale shopping districts going in, and technical education is blossoming. You have many people coming in and out constantly, from antique shoppers to high-tech, out of country visitors. They do not know our quaint area, that the road does not go through, or that you must detour around many parks in this beautiful place. Being able to drive safely and confidentially lets you get where you need to go, and protects you, your passengers, and those driving around you who may not be as skilled (or skilled at all) a driver. 

You Need to Pass the Langley Driving Test, Because You Need to Drive in Langley

​Langley British Columbia is considered one of the oldest and earliest settlements in western Canada, having been a fur trading post for French and English fur traders and the local tribes. Over time Langley has grown steadily and now is one of the prime agricultural areas in the Vancouver region, boasting many equestrian facilities and horse farms. Langley is part of the greater Vancouver metropolitan area, but is an independent city of around 26,000, and is independent of the adjacent Langley Township. While the SkyTrain does have an extension to the King George Station, transportation options for the nearly hour travel time to and from Vancouver are limited. If you live in the semi-rural beauty of this small town, be prepared to drive, because it is a necessity. 

I Can Help You Get a Lot More From Driving School, Langley

Hi, my name is Marcy, and I owned one of the top driving schools in the region for many years. I developed the Digital Driver Education course for people just like you that need more instruction, more guidance, and more skill building than you got in the Langley driving lessons that cost a lot of money to attend.  You may still not have passed the road test, or shake like a leaf every time you get behind the wheel. You never really learned what to watch for, or how to use that weird emergency brake thing-y. I will show you all that and lots more in the easy to understand, clear, driver’s seat perspective videos of the Digital Driver Education program.

How to pass a driving exam

I had a lot of students sent to me by other driving schools that could not pass their road test, and once I taught those same students exactly the same material I cover in this course, they passed with flying colors. I learned they had tried to find help online, and there wasn’t anything that they could find that gave everything you need to know to go from being a total beginner to being ready for the road test. Younger people admitted they never watched their parents driving much as they were looking at their phones while being driven anywhere much of the time. Adults admitted they had never really learned to be confident driving, let alone how to easily back up or parallel park. Newcomers to our area needed to know how we did it here to prepare for their road tests, and what was different from back home. All those skills are covered, plus safety checks, what to do when a tire goes flat, and how to safely turn left into traffic, plus many more things we all need to know each and every time we get into a car.

It was important to me the program be affordable, as I know how expensive driving school is, and how frustrating it is having to wait to retake the road test after being disqualified the first time. My entire program is $197 for a full year of access. You can watch as much or little as you want, stop and start again exactly where you left off, or refer again and again to one video you need to really watch to learn that particular skill. And, if you ever have any questions, you can call me at the head office and I will personally answer whatever you need to know.

Driving Lessons Langley Don’t Cover Foundation Skills, They Teach the Test

​The Digital Driver Education course is not the rules of the road – those are free online, and do not teach you to drive, they tell you legal behavior when you do drive. You need foundational skills to help you learn the basics and what to do, and when and how to do it to safely maneuver a vehicle in a wide variety of conditions. I strongly suggest the adult riding with you for practice go through the videos too, so everyone in the car has the same solid, correct information about when to signal, what you need to do to execute a safe stop and turn, and the right way to check a blind spot. Click below to get started on learning what you really need to know.  Just passing the test as driving lessons Langley BC teach through most of the driving schools Langley BC located does not prepare you to be a good driver. Langley may be small, but the Vancouver area is enormous, and you need to feel confident to drive there, not just the examiner’s route. 

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