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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Edmonton

There’s More to Being a Safe Driver Than Driving School, Edmonton

​​You would not think that the northernmost city in North America with a population over 1 million people was also a shopping mecca, but Edmonton, Alberta, is just that. The largest indoor shopping mall in North America is in Edmonton, and it was the largest in the world for many years.  Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and the fifth largest city in Canada. As the gateway to the Northwest Territories and Yukon, the economy sees a lot of boost from the large scale diamond mines in the NWT and shale oil fields. There is another thing about Edmonton that is important to know when you move to this plains-located city with long winters, and that is that hockey is king. Newcomers soon learn to be tough defending their own teams or assimilating into the huge fan base for ice sports in this extreme north city.

Edmonton Driving Lessons

Edmonton is located on the North Saskatchewan River and is believed to have been inhabited since the end of the last glacial age 12,000 years ago. The Hudson’s Bay Company first visited Edmonton in 1754, looking for passage routes across the north and assessing the trade potential with First Nations people, primarily for furs. By 1891 Edmonton obtained rail service, and saw droves of hopeful prospectors streaming through Strathcona and South Edmonton on their way to the gold fields in the Klondike. The area fluctuated in population and suffered considerable decline during and after WWII due to enlistment and economic hardships for farmers, but rebounded when Edmonton became the base of operations for the construction of the Alaskan Highway and the Northwest Staging Route.  Later the city enjoyed a boom when materials and personnel headed to the North Slope to build the Alaska Oil Pipeline began flowing through the region on their way north.

Located on the same parallel as Dublin, Ireland and Hamburg, Germany, Edmonton’s location in fairly flat plains broken by rolling hills and deep river valleys provides no winter weather protection by the Canadian Rockies, which are located 140 km to the southwest. This means that winters are long, snowy, icy, and somewhat treacherous to navigate. Edmonton also is far enough east that it often sees severe summer thunderstorms and occasional bad tornados. All these factors, as well as a very mixed population with many businesses and industry personnel from all over the world driving, moving equipment, hauling loads, and stopping by on the way to the NWT and Alaska provides a colorful and varied driving environment, to say the least. Safety and safe driving in Edmonton relies on your skills and knowledge of how to deal with weather, unacquainted drivers, and oversize loads that hog up the road and may or may not have right of way. The minimal skills you learn at driving schools in Edmonton do not provide nearly the information, time to watch, analyze, and learn, let alone actually perform the necessary handling required to drive in the environment with the extreme variety of vehicles and drivers you encounter on any excursion out in the Edmonton area.

Do Driving Schools Edmonton Teach You Everything You Need?

​A lot of the driving you do in Edmonton sometimes feeling like dodge ball, because that is what you are doing – observing everything around you or coming at you to keep from being struck. This is especially true in areas of the city frequented by mining and drilling operation vehicles, laden with equipment, parts, tools, you name it. Do you know what to do when an object bounces out of a truck bed in front of your car on the highway? If there is any hesitation in your thought, the answer is no, and you do not have the basic skills to keep yourself and those you love safe in a vehicle. Commercial and industrial vehicles are many on our streets, and a lot of their drivers may not be from here, or even know our driving laws. They may not know the strict provincial rules governing U-turns, which are perfectly legal and encouraged where they are from. Avoiding a truck popping around on the street in front of you can be unnerving, if not out right dangerous. Learning the skills to avoid a collision come with experience and observation. The observation used to come through years of watching parents or other adults looking, processing, deciding, and handling a multitude of driving situations, one after another, the entire length of any ride taken with them at the wheel.  Foundational skills used constantly in driving are learned by observing, assimilating, and then applying what you then know when you actually have to utilize the information. The problem is those foundational skills are no longer learned because we are too engaged in our technology, and our attention is not on where the driver is going and what they had to do to get there.


Driving Test Edmonton

The best driving school Edmonton has rarely teaches even part of those fundamental skills so they become second nature and so you can apply them.  The Edmonton driving test is what they tend to teach instead, because so many students come to take classes just to be able to pass the test. That focus that might help you pass the test, but you do not get the fundamentals you need to be able to have confidence and the ability to handle a car in a safe manner in a variety of conditions. Driving school Edmonton prices are expensive for this test-focused training, too. It is unfortunate how many students still fail the driving test, often several times, even after thousands are spent on driving lessons. Almost always what the examiner fails them on are basic skills they are checking to see if you really know and use to drive safely, courteously, and defensively.

Why “Just Passing” the Driving Test Edmonton is Not a Good Idea

​Edmonton driving lessons rarely involve much defensive driving training, because most of the driving instructor Edmonton based think they can teach you what the examiner will check and exactly the route they will have you drive during your test. Often the route is different, and the things that examiners especially note when absent are habits developed by every safe, competent driver. They will notice if you check blind spots when you change lanes, if you actually use your mirrors, and if you check and recheck potential hazards and oncoming traffic when you make a turn. They might tell you where to go and what to do, but what they really want to see is how you execute the request. GDL examiners for the province have the duty to make sure anyone they approve for any stage of licence in Alberta is safe enough to allow on the roadways with other drivers, and have a ride along, experienced adult, or later, others in the car with them.
Even the best driving school in Edmonton will not cover and reinforce those basic skills that need to become automatic habits. When you have not learned them to start, learning them later is a bigger challenge. That is what Marcy, the creator of Digital Driver Education realized after talking to hundreds of students over nearly 20 years of being a highly regarded driving instructor and owner of a prominent driving school in western Canada. Many students were sent to her as “hopeless” by other schools after multiple failures when taking their exams, or simply being so uncomfortable trying to drive that they were absolutely unsafe. Marcy had terrific results getting those students to gain confidence, learn the solid foundational skills necessary, and not only passing their driving skills assessment but going on to be highly trained, safe drivers. She researched until she realized that with the advent of technology, young adults in particular were not learning the skills they needed through observation and parents did not realize the disconnect. She knew showing and explaining worked well, but also knew from her talks with students that good resources just were not available online for them to view, review, and apply. The result of several years of hard work became the Digital Driver Education program, a low-cost, easy to understand video format, learn how to drive course geared at new drivers, older drivers wanting to improve their skills, and relocated drivers needing to learn how to drive in their new country, all done from the driver’s seat perspective. 

Edmonton Driving Schools Tend To Teach To The Test

learning to drive

​Marcy knew from her many years as a top licensed and certified driving instructor that most driving lessons in Edmonton and elsewhere were geared at teaching a route, and covered what the general abilities the driving examiners would also test. The problem was driving schools Edmonton south and elsewhere in the province did not teach how to do the general, overall maneuver or action that the examiner asked the one being tested to perform. Telling you to turn is one thing, showing you how to turn, what you need to observe first, how to make educated judgments how much time and distance is needed in traffic to turn and avoid other vehicles, the speed you need to slow to to be safe, how to avoid being rear-ended when you do stop to turn, were all skills that needed to be observed over and over and then practiced. Marcy created a series of videos on each skill set, to handle different kinds of actions you have to take to handle a car. She broke down those steps into short, easy to understand video segments that build on each previous step to complete a fluid package start to finish of how to correctly execute a turn, stop, merge, avoiding debris on the road, emergency brake, and many other things necessary to be a safe driver. 

The Digital Driver Education course costs far less than any even cheap driving school Edmonton has, and teaches far more. For $197 you have access to all the videos for one full year, and can watch them over and over as many times as needed. It is suggested the adult rider accompanying you for practice driving views them also, so both the new driver and auditing adult know the same information to have good practice develop into great skills. program. If you ever have a question, you can reach me the at the  head office and I will personally answer anything you need to know.  I learned a lot from my students about providing what they needed and giving them the ability to learn the skills they had to have. Let me help you or someone you love with their driving anxiety or lack of knowledge, and let’s change that into successful, safe driving habits.

Digital Driver Education Lets You Get More From Edmonton Driving School

The Digital Driver Education program is an important supplement to your driving school in Edmonton. It gives you the fundamental skills to create a solid foundation to help you know and understand what and how to do what is necessary when driving. It is especially important to supplement driving classes Edmonton offers so you can get the most out of your student driving time and actually pass your driving test. Digital Driver Education was created for new drivers, young first time drivers, older drivers wishing to brush up their skills, or new to the country drivers that may be driving for the first time and had no chance of observing and learning basic fundamental abilities developed by years of watching others safely drive.  If you have any questions about any portion of the program, or something you simply are having a hard time figuring out, please call her at the company head-office.

Foundation Driving Lessons, Edmonton, Can Make You a Much Better Driver

​In a bustling industrial, thoroughfare city like Edmonton you must be able to deal with trucks, traffic, poor road conditions, extreme potholes, and other daily driving challenges. Your driving school Edmonton south may handle traffic issues, but not how to avoid objects in the roadbed, or how to slow down and know to look for where to go if someone else does not behind you when a semi-truck decides to back a load into a narrow drive at a business across multiple lanes of traffic. Don’t spend thousands of dollars struggling to pass your GDL driving skills exams. Click the button to purchase a full year of access to all parts of the Digital Driver Education online foundational skills program to improve your driving and help you learn what you need to know to become a competent, confident driver. Your driving school Edmonton north of the river or anywhere else in the city will be glad you passed, and so will Marcy.

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