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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Coquitlam

You Need More Than Just Driving School, Coquitlam

Best Driving School in Coquitlam

​There are two facts of life if you settle in the beautiful, old residential town of Coquitlam.  First, you probably will have to drive to work, and second, you better know how to do it safely in the rain. Coquitlam, located just east of Vancouver, gets more than its share of rain due to its proximity to the mountains. An area known for pristine lakes and waterways with some of the last remaining inland wild salmon and cutthroat trout, Coquitlam has been occupied for about 9,000 years. The area’s very diverse culture is seeing increasing upward mobility on properties that always were large, and businesses serving the Port Moody docks to the south, the lumber mills in the city, and the bustling surrounding ares including Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and others. A diverse and mixed population, Coquitlam always has enjoyed a varied population with beautiful surroundings in a very beautiful atmosphere, and is considered the most beautiful places in western Canada.

Coquitlam has varied topography and lots of rain, especially during the winter. Driving in the area is nearly a must, because even though the Sky Train has four stops, and TransLink reaches some key areas, Coquitlam is spread out over rising hills, flat to plateaus, lakeside plain, and large residential areas in a city shaped like a long hourglass. The majority of residents in the area commute to one of the nearby towns to work or for school.

Driving Lessons Coquitlam Need to Teach Commuting in Rain

​My name is Marcy, and I owned one of the top driving schools in the region for most of two decades. As one of the most respected driving instructors in the area for even longer, I knew that many of the driving school Coquitlam BC based taught lessons geared at just getting the student to pass the difficult British Columbia GLP driving test. Many students failed, some many times, frustrated they could not seem to learn or do what the examiner wanted when they went to retest. Even more Coquitlam driving lessons had not helped. Those students got sent to me by other driving schools as I gained a reputation as the “fixer” who could teach students what they needed, not only to pass the test, but who were confident, good, responsible drivers after only one full set of lessons with me. I wanted to know what I did so different, and after several years of asking my students (what they had to say), I realized it was because I taught them the basic mechanics and foundational skills of how to drive that were no longer acquired riding with adults while growing up. The problem was their lack of observation. People riding tend to watch their phones now, not the person driving. 

Driving in the Rain

They never observed and learned how to look ahead at traffic, what needs checked every time you get in a car and prepare to drive, or what to do in difficult driving conditions, like torrential rain. They had tried to find information online, and it was not available there, either. My students were passing their driving tests after they spent time behind the wheel with me coaching them, and I wanted others to have the same information so they could pass their tests as well.

I spent the next two years creating Digital Driver Education, an online video series of easy to understand, short videos taken from the driver’s seat perspective. The lessons can be queued up and watched over and over, one step at a time, to help you see and learn how to judge distance, what you use as references and how to parallel park, and what to do and not do when you need to merge.  You can watch the video segments over and over, as many times as needed to observe, pick up skills and tips, and learn the correct order and what needs paid attention to in a myriad of driving situations. What the course is no, is a rehash of the rules of the road, which you can get free online. It also does not teach to the test, but I can assure it will help you with the skills that the examiner looks for every time they test a new driver, from using their mirrors to signals and where and how long for turns and changing lanes.

Digital Driver Education Teaches Foundations Missed by Coquitlam Driving School

​From experience I know that foundations are not learned any more when people go to learn to drive either with adults in their life or from expensive driving school programs. Foundational skills are what help you navigate traffic, deal with bridges and tunnels, and safely get home through wet downpours. Digital Driver Education is great for new drivers, other drivers polishing skills, or new to the country drivers who need to get comfortable before a road exam. I suggest the adult who rides along for your training hours goes through the video program as well, so everyone has the same safe, solid information about the skills you need to learn and practice to become a good, confident driver. Confidence, by the way, is one of the things driving examiners look for when they test. They want to know you have the wherewithal to handle a vehicle, keeping you, your passengers, and the public safe. Click below to start learning what you need to know, now. If you ever have questions, you can contact me personally. Let’s get you feeling good about taking your exam in Coquitlam. 

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