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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Driving School Calgary

Calgary Driving School Does Not Teach Everything You Need

​Both one of the largest cities in Canada and one of the oldest continually inhabited, Calgary Alberta is a beautiful city sitting at the edge of the plains and foothills just east of the Canadian Rockies. Archaeologists know the Calgary river Bow was occupied as long as 11,000 years ago by First Nations people of the same period as the Clovis people. The first European visit was in 1787 by a Hudson’s Bay cartographer who camped with the Peigan at the Bow River “elbow”, a distinctive feature lent Calgary its various names in First Nation languages all referring to this distinct geographical feature. Calgary is now the third largest metropolitan area by population in Canada, and certainly one of the largest in total area at 848 square kilometers. It can literally take all day to drive around Calgary.

Calgary has a rich and diverse history, as many from Eastern European and Asian cultures were brought to work on the railroads and settled in the area during the 1800’s. In fact, Asians are the largest minority to this day in the city. Calgary has a wide variety of nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, languages spoken, and neighborhoods that reflect the colorful and varied population in the area. The area also sports a lot of money, as Calgary has the highest per capita income in Canada as well as the highest number of millionaires per capita. Blend in historical cattle industry interests and shipping, celebrated annually with the world famous Calgary Stampede, the largest rodeo in the world, and you have the unique blend that makes up this modern city.  A technology, education, medical, transport, trade, and business center, Calgary has been a key business hub for western Canada for over 150 years.

Calgary Driving School

All the wonderful diversity means that Calgary has a lot of people from elsewhere and different countries and cultures that move here and have to learn to “drive Canadian”. Add to that the vast size of Calgary, the multiple rivers coming in from nearly all sides, and more wind than nearly any city in Canada, and driving takes on its own set of needs and rules to be safe. When you drive in Calgary you must know not only the rules of the road, but how to handle a car safely and effectively to deal with the traffic, distances, geographical challenges, and drivers who are not as confident as they need to be sharing the road with you. Calgary driving lessons abound, and even specialize by language and culture in some parts of the city, but none of them truly adequately prepares you for a city of this size, this spread out, with the different kinds of drivers you have to anticipate on the road.

We Help You Get More From Driving School, Calgary

​When you drive in Calgary, the first thing you will notice is people seem to stick to the traffic signs better than some places. That is because Calgary law enforcement is one of the most no nonsense in the country. Alberta drivers are expected to know how to drive and know how to be safe, to follow the rules of the road, and to not take chances. This extends to pedestrians having right of way, something many new drivers do not take seriously and learn through tough experience after an encounter with an officer. This strict policy on following the rules is also why so many people fail the Calgary driving test one or more times, because they do not know the fundamentals that are tested.

Due to the shear number of people in Calgary, approaching 1.3 million in the city area and several hundred thousand more in surrounding towns, commuting to work or school can be a real challenge. It is tough to get a licence in the area, and the testing is stringent. Driving schools tend to teach Calgary driving test practice to their students. They are hoping the new drivers can pass the test, and give them referrals.  Driving schools are expensive in Calgary, and just passing the test, i.e. very limited skills, is not what you need to know to be a competent driver. You cannot assume that where the driving instructor takes you to practice drive will be the route that the examiner takes on your driving skills test. Due to the multi-lane roadbeds popular in the area, things like lane changes, merging into traffic, and appropriate signaling before turning is taken very seriously and can easily disqualify you on the road test. Driving schools in Calgary are often so concerned with teaching you to pass the exam that they gloss over the basic fundamentals that you not only need to pass the exam, but have to have to be a safe driver in a major metropolitan, heavy traffic, dense city of the size of Calgary.

Digital Driver Education was developed to help drivers and driving students of all ages learn the foundations for safe driving. The program came about when Marcy, an experienced and highly respected western Canadian driving instructor and driving school owner realized she was constantly being sent students from other driving schools who had failed their road tests, often a number of times. Many of them had also spent a lot of money, many times with several different schools, and still not felt confident or had the skills to take the driving exams of the GDL and pass. She began to ask her students what was so different in how she taught, as she had a very high success rate with students and they finished her lessons confident with good, safe skills when behind the wheel. 

We Give You Observable Driving Lessons, Calgary

​Marcy learned that how her students should have learned the nuances and methods for observation, making judgments, and appropriate responses when driving had not begun growing up watching someone drive. It was not just rural new drivers who had not been exposed, it was in general, because with technology, children do not watch the road, watch the car, watch how their parents handle the car and drive due to looking at their electronics instead. The days of kids watching and learning over a period of time all the little things that go into the many decisions and choices being made constantly while driving were not seen, thought about, and filed away in their mind, because their minds were on other things – a screen. Technology was the new activity, and children did not even learn how to find things as simple as landmarks or how to figure out distances for safe stopping. The foundational skills needed to learn the patterns, probabilities, and purposes of good driving habits were completely lacking.
As she looked around for resources, Marcy realized there were no programs teaching those basic skills. It was even worse if the student had been through a cheap driving school Calgary based, as often those students got very little instruction and more “here’s the keys, drive” time with little feedback they could improve from hearing. When she talked to her students she realized they were all desperately searching online for videos that could help them see what they did not know and learn what they did not know how to do, and there were none available. She wanted more than just her students be able to succeed, confidently, when they went to drive, and be safe as well.  Out of that desire and the extreme need for foundation, Digital Driver Education was born.

What Driving School in Calgary Does Not Teach

learning to drive

​Calgary driving schools in most cases are not teaching the defensive driving course Calgary new drivers really do need to learn. Anytime a new driver is in a massive city with many differing backgrounds the drivers around you have learned to drive within necessitates that you are always a defensive driver, every time you get behind the wheel. You need to be able to make good judgement decisions, correct vehicle control during adverse weather conditions, and how to properly execute a safe right hand turn in traffic. Your safety as well as that of your passengers depends on your knowledge and clear application of solid, safe driving foundations, because you do not know if the driver approaching you went to a quality driving school Calgary based, or grew up driving on the left side of the road, if driving at all.

Calgary is so large that driving classes Calgary specify “driving school Calgary SW” or “driving lessons Calgary NW” when you look for one. The challenge is that Calgary varies in terrain, and eventually if you live in this beautiful city you will have to deal with the foothills of the western side in winter, navigate the bridges during rain, or have to travel in the congestion of downtown. Driving schools Calgary residents know are convenient to their area of town, but that also makes you learn just your area of town. When you go to obtain your Alberta Class 5-GDL, the examiner will expect you to be able to drive safely and legally, navigate heavy traffic with multiple lane changes using the correct signals and timing, and be able to parallel park.  The best driving schools Calgary has will teach some of these things, but it will be expensive, and most people do not have the time and money to cover those skills over and over. 

Safe Driving is More Than Passing the Driving Test, Calgary

The best driving school in Calgary to learn those basic, foundational skills you did not get to observe is Digital Driver Education. Marcy takes you through from a driver’s seat perspective the fundamentals of driving, step-by-step, in short, easy to understand video lessons. Each skill builds on the one previous, to complete a series of skills that is needed to accomplish a driving task, such as merging safely into heavy traffic. You can watch, listen, observe, and learn at your own pace without the stress of being in the driver’s seat while you do. You can also do it as many times as you want for a full year.

As a respected, licensed, certified driving instructor for many years, Marcy also knows that it is important that the adult riding with a new driver has a real understanding of what is expect of the beginner, so they can help the new driver. Any adult rider with a new driver logging behind the wheel hours is encouraged to watch the video lessons as well. That way both rider and driver have the same safe, concise, accurate information on all of the how to’s. The correct procedures at intersections, what not to do when a light is turns amber as an example. And if you ever have a question about anything in the course, contact Marcy. She wants to answer your inquiries with correct information so you can be a confident, safe driver in Calgary.

Good Calgary Driving School Prices Can Be High

Driving schools Calgary knows are important, but you need to know the quality of the driving school you choose. A driving school Calgary based needs to be certified by the province and licensed. The driving instructors need to be experienced, patient, attentive, and easy to understand.  A driving school NE Calgary located may or may not cover the city when you are taking lessons, but still charge a lot of money. Digital Driver Education is a thorough, easy to use and apply, inexpensive supplement to your behind the wheel time.  For $197 you get to gain the necessary tools to make good decisions, accurately assess upcoming situations, and become confident in handling a vehicle in all driving conditions. Don’t trust something as important as your life and that of your loved ones or fellow drivers to a driving school Calgary SE or anywhere else in the city. Learn the information you need to not only pass your driving skills test, but be a much better driver, no matter if you are a new, just need a refresher before getting your full licence, or if you are new to the country and need to know what to do here in Calgary or anywhere you drive.

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