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This innovative program has enabled hundreds of beginners to learn how to drive, easily and effectively. Digital Driver Education is a cutting-edge, fully online solution to old, outdated and boring  Drivers Ed.

DDE Burnaby Driving School

Does Driving School in Burnaby Prepare You?

​The Burnaby area has always been heavily industrial and agricultural, thanks to its inland east location from Vancouver. As the area rapidly grew in the last 50 years, Burnaby took on an increasingly urban look with many first generation developments and housing properties being built.  As a result, Burnaby has a somewhat interesting mix of neighborhoods separated by business complexes that require attention to navigate safely and effectively. Burnaby also is a mix of hills and foothills, alluvial river plain, valleys, and sharper ridges, making driving in rain or winter weather conditions sometimes difficult. You need to know how to look at the bottom of a street in a swale and know if it is safe to cross, or how to brake safely before it is reached. Parking on hills, driving on wet or icy roadways, and being aware of large trucks and commercial vehicles all are part of the driving experience you must accept if you are to drive in this busy town.

Burnaby Driving School

Driving schools in Burnaby tend to cater to get you to pass your driving skills tests for the GLP.  As a working class kind of town, all ages are on the streets commuting to jobs and school, and many drive to parts of Vancouver and the surrounding areas at all hours of the day and night. Leaning the skills to pass only the test is an expensive endeavor, and one that probably will not teach you how to recognize vehicle outlines driving without lights on at night, or how to control a hydroplane in the rain. Digital Driver Education provides detailed driver’s seat experience to learn those and many more essential fundamentals for driving. 

Many Successful Students Went to Burnaby Driving Schools First – And Failed

I have been a well-respected, GLP approved, certified driving instructor for most of 20 years. I also owned one of the top driving schools in the region, and many of the best driving schools Burnaby based sent me many of their students when they could not get them to “pass the test”.  I tried to figure out why the best driving school Burnaby had could not help receptive students who wanted to learn. I finally realized they were not teaching them what they needed to know, rather, they were teaching the test. That meant few skills beyond what they thought the driving examiner would want to see on the route they were taken on. Little thought was given to whether the student even knew how to do what the driving instructor Burnaby based was asking them to do, let alone the examiner. I found many students had few fundamental skills except the minimum to navigate a testing route. They had never learned through observation the correct way to judge distance, brake before a turn, or how to properly execute the appropriate right of ways and procedures at an intersection.  I also learned from these students, who after going through my step-by-step thorough, skill building instruction just one time, came out not only passing their driving tests with flying colors, but as confident, safe drivers ready to get more experience under their belts. 

Failed road test

How to Get More From Burnaby Driving School

​In order to get more from driving lessons, many of which are sorely needed just to get part of the required supervised driving hours logged, a new driver needs to know basic, fundamental ways of doing things in a car. It includes basics such as what you need to keep an eye on and see every time before you start the vehicle, how to adjust your mirrors, and making sure your safety equipment is engaged and properly adjusted. You might think that sounds pretty simple, but those are things every driving examiner in the province checks for every person who comes in to take a driving test. Those basics often loose enough points to make failing the skills test likely.  With driving lessons Burnaby tending to teach to the test, students were not learning the fundamentals of what to do, where to look, and how to handle a car.
Digital Driver Education was designed with any driver in mind that needs to know fundamentals and foundational skills to be able to drive safely and competently. Over two years of work went into developing, filming, and building the video course, all taken from the driver’s seat perspective. Broken into short, concise, easy to understand segments, a student can view one segment at a time, a whole series building a complete skill set to do a task, or go through groups of skills and tasks that build on each other. Created to meet today’s busy lifestyle and knowing that visual engagement adds tremendously to retention, Digital Driver Education is a stand alone, all that you need to learn to drive or it can supplement driver school or even help a seasoned driver brush up their own knowledge and skills. It was important to me to make the course available at an affordable price, too, knowing how expensive driving instruction tended to be in our area. 

how much do driving lessons cost

​Many of the students sent to me had paid, or their family had, thousands of dollars to get through driving lessons along the a north shore driving school, Burnaby based, or even some hiring private driving instructors. Some of those students had been to more than one driving school with the same results. When they came to me they were disheartened, and often had been labeled “hopeless”.  In nearly 20 years of teaching, I never had a hopeless student. Some had to work a little harder, or practice a little more, but with the right information and persistence, nearly everyone can learn to drive safely. The differences were learning what and how to do what you need to do in a car. Many of those students had never gotten to actively observe adults driving, as they were many time looking at their electronic devices instead. They never picked up on the motions, the visual contact, the line of sight observations, and judgments made by the driver. Those lost opportunities meant they did not have a clue about the correct right of ways and procedures at even basic intersections as the generations before electronics did.

Expensive driving lessons in Burnaby should give more to the student than just minimal memorization of the route the driving examiner might request they drive through.  That is why my course is only $97 for a full year of online access. You can review the lessons as many times as you want, even just one short video, until you feel you have mastered the skills and can apply what you have learned while driving. 

Digital Driver Education Can Help You Get More From Burnaby Driving Lessons

​You deserve more than just passing a test when you take driver’s training. A driving instructor’s job is teaching you to drive, not just parts of what you need to know to pass a test. Digital Driver Education is a complete driving fundamentals program. If you ever have a question, you can reach me the at the  head office and I will personally answer anything you need to know.  I learned a lot from my students about providing what they needed and giving them the ability to learn the skills they had to have. Let me help you or someone you love with their driving anxiety or lack of knowledge, and let’s change that into successful, safe driving habits.

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